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Submit your movie masterpiece

Indie filmmaker? Underrepresented storyteller? DIY troubadour? We want to work with you.

Film Daily View is launching this summer – and we want your content for our collection.

How it works

Film Daily View streams content on a TVOD and SVOD basis. A new movie will go live daily (get it?) and be available for between 1 month to 10+ years.

We’re currently accepting shorts, features, and documentaries; we’ll be accepting TV pilots later in 2018.

We accept movies in any language – as long as they have subtitles in English.

We’re looking for movies that

  • Rock our world in every way
  • Show reality through an artist’s eye
  • Display craftsmanship in every frame

We’re particularly interested in movies which

  • Focus on race, gender, equality, lgbt issues, disability or access
  • Have a strong narrative viewpoint and a strong point of view
  • Are made by underrepresented filmmakers
  • Are made by women, POC, differently abled persons, or persons from emerging economies
  • Have signed subtitles

How we pay

Revenue is split 50/50 with you, based on views & purchases.

Submit your content to our acquisitions team now: send us your secure screener or a trailer, and we’ll be in touch if we want to see more.

IP and copyright statement

Film Daily News acknowledges that all content submitted to our acquisitions department is the sole property of the content creator. Film Daily News will protect this content within our secure servers throughout the acquisition process. If Film Daily News decides not to license your content, we will delete your content from our servers. Your content will only ever be viewed by our acquisitions team members, all of whom have signed NDA agreements and agreed not to share any information about the content they watch during employment with Film Daily News. At all times, your content will be password-protected on our servers and all sign-ins by staff members require a three-step verification process.