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Krushan Naik: Master Award-Winning Editor and Educator in the Heart of Hollywood

Krushan Naik: A Journey from Passion to Profession Krushan Naik’s path to becoming a full-time creative professional began with his move to the United States in 2019. He pursued his dream in film and television production by enrolling in an MFA program at Loyola Marymount University, specializing in Editing. His role as a Teacher’s Assistant in post-production courses like Editing, Visual Effects, and Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) laid the foundation for his career, offering him in-depth insights into both the creative and technical aspects of editing.

Certifications and Teaching: A Dual Career Path Naik furthered his expertise by obtaining a Specialist Certification for Avid Media Composer, enhancing his editing skills. His journey also led him to become an Avid Certified Instructor (ACI), allowing him to share his knowledge and passion through teaching. He taught editing at Ghetto Film School and Keycode Media Education at Morningside High public school, enriching young minds with skills in post-production.

Diverse Editing Projects: From Documentaries to Dramas Naik’s editing portfolio is diverse, ranging from documentaries to various film genres. He is currently editing ‘Anuja,’ a drama produced in association with Academy Award®-winning media company Shine Global. His work on ‘Resurgence,’ an award-winning documentary, and otheraward-winning projects like ‘Unrest in Peace’ and ‘Death & Taxes,’ highlight his versatility. Naik also contributed to the musical ‘Quarantween: The Musical’ and worked as an assistant editor for the 2021 Writer Guild Awards of America (East & West).

Background and Creative Services Based in Los Angeles, Naik is an Editor and Educator with a background in film & TV production, animation, and visual effects. He previously ran K.N. Kreative Studios, an advertising agency in India. His transition to film and TV production in the U.S. saw him taking on multiple roles under the post-production department. Along with editing, he specializes in creating efficient post-production workflows and supervising the process from shoot to edit.

Expanding Skills and Teaching Experience Naik’s teaching credentials extend to multiple non-linear editing software from Avid to Blackmagic and to Adobe. His expertise in editing is complemented by his proficiency in camera systems and production skills. His involvement in the American music industry includes creating short-form content forpublic-facing artists.

Growing Clientele through Film Festivals and Networking Active participation in film festivals as a screener, evaluator, and judge has broadened Naik’s horizons as an editor. Engaging with professionals in the industry and attending social events has helped him expand his network and client base.

Giving Back through Education Teaching at Loyola Marymount University, Ghetto Film School, and Morningside High has allowed Naik to mentor the next generation of editors. His work with students

at non-profits and public schools has been particularly rewarding.

Mission and Vision as a Creative Professional for Naik, teachingand editing are about aiding others in reaching their goals and bringing their visions to life. Whether in the classroom or the editing suite, his focus is on fostering creativity and helping directors realize their cinematic aspirations.

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