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From Metro to Mountains: Filmmaker Halle Capone Balances Her Storytelling with Her ‘Wild Side’A Love Affair with Film and Nature

Filmmaker Halle Capone sits outdoors in the Colorado Rockies on her covered side porch, typing out a screenplay on her iPad while taking phone calls in between and watching the hummingbirds at the nearby feeder. “It’s all about work/life balance,” she says, sipping her coffee. “I’m fortunate enough that my office is outside for half the year.”


Being based in both LA and Colorado, Capone says she has the best of both worlds. While LA offers a more fast-paced environment, Colorado serves as a serene space for reflection. She finds these polar opposites in culture and nature offer a well-rounded palate that influences her creativity in countless ways.


“I moved to Los Angeles at 20 years old, and my love for movies was the magnet that pulled me to the City of Angels,” Capone says. “But I’m also a bit of a homebody in between films. I’ve done the LA night scene, it’s just not my bag. My version of a ‘wild side’ these days is listening to wind in the trees in my backyard in LA, and the peace I feel in the Colorado Rockies with my fiancé and cats. “Forgoing college and coming from Northern California without connections, Capone landed in Glendale with a passion for screenwriting, an art she had cultivated from childhood. Her attention to detail soon proved to be a major asset. “I’ve always had a knack for meticulous planning,” she says, adding that this was most evident in her film “Misfits of the Profane,” which was remarkably completed with just a two-person crew. “The project surprisingly had minor challenges. I accidentally broke an airbrush for tattoo cover-up makeup I was using on our lead, but it was my preemptive planning that saved the shoot day,” Capone says. 


In a world full of clichés, Capone says she dared to push boundaries. Her works “Omendrone” and “RIP” challenge industry norms. While “Omendrone” is a script that ambitiously aims for blockbuster action, “RIP” subverts American horror expectations with a European sensibility taking viewers on a dark, funny, and subversive journey.


According to Capone, one genre particularly dear to her is cosmic horror, a realm she feels is underrepresented in the industry. Inspired by films like “Climax” and “Color Out of Space,” she sees it as a boundless playground to create fears both macro and micro. It allows her to draw a “wider net” to craft nightmares that resonate universally.


Capone says she had no initial connections in the industry, so she sought to create her own network. Collywood Studios, her partnership with fiancé Greg Tally, aims to uplift underrepresented voices in arthouse, horror, and comedy/drama genres. Capone adds: “I co-founded The Hollywood Guerrilla Film Club, which has grown to a 2000-strong community in LA, and its counterpart Collywood Film Club in Denver which empowers newer filmmakers while fostering emerging talent.””I’ve built some great memories in the industry,” Capone says. 

“So many stories. Everything from awkward on-set moments, like capturing actors’ restroom time due to forgotten live microphones, to the sheer jumping up and down elation of wrapping up ‘Misfits of the Profane,’ my journey has been nothing short of fascinating. I’m pretty sure I’m still the first person to shoot a genre feature with a two man crew. Who knows what my next feat will be! I’m not bored,” she laughs. 


On a softer note, Capone says her two cats, Mamba and Spindle, serve as constant reminders to slow down and love—lessons that transcend language barriers. 


“I love my cats,” Capone adds, sipping her coffee and looking up at the aspen trees and craggy peaks that dominate the landscape off her porch. “I love the mountains and nature and my family. These are the things that balance me.”


Halle Capone is not just a filmmaker; she is a multi-genre storytelling director who has crafted her unique narrative both behind and in front of the camera. From blockbuster ambitions to minimalist crew projects, from Hollywood to Denver, and from cosmic horrors to feline inspirations, Capone proves that storytelling has no boundaries—only endless possibilities as tall as the mountains themselves. 

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