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Patrick Mahomes may already be an NFL superstar, but now he's part of the sporting KC ownership group. Learn about the business move here.

Patrick Mahomes reveals Why he Became Part of the Sporting KC Ownership

A generational talent in the NFL is like Halley’s comet, it will only appear once in many years. And NFL fanatics all around the country will agree that Patrick Mahomes is the best QB they have seen in a long time. One of the highest paid players in football, Mahomes has shown what he is capable of in a relatively small span in the NFL.

However, Mahomes is known to take interest in other sports as well, and this time, he has shown interest in soccer. In a statement last Tuesday, it was announced that Patrick Mahomes is becoming a part of the Sporting Kansas City’s ownership group.  

It was evident that Mahomes held the MLS close to his heart as he was seen attending many games during the offseason. Being a stakeholder in an MLS outfit brings immense joy to him and even more to the city of Kansas.

In an interview after the venture was made public, Mahomes was quoted saying, It started a few years back and then building that relationship with the Illigs, the people over there at Sporting. I just love the way they run their business and how they kind of really invested into that team.”  

This deal is a testament to how Patrick Mahomes is winning on and off the field, with many analysts predicting that he will lead the Kansas City Chiefs to a second consecutive Super Bowl this season. 

What he stands to gain from this deal 

Delving into the financial aspect of things, this is an intelligent piece of business for Patrick Mahomes. Soccer is a sport which is immensely popular around the world and is gaining popularity in the USA. 

Another benefit of this venture will be the fact that his net worth will be on an upward spiral as this deal matures. The MLS is known to bring in a record amount of viewership in recent years and this number will keep growing as time progresses. Already one of the wealthiest athletes in the country, this deal will work fine on both sides of the spectrum.

How has Sporting KC been performing in the league? 

Much like their part-owner Patrick Mahomes, Sporting KC have always found themselves near the top of the MLS points table. This season is no different in terms of performance. After 16 games, it is pretty evident that the SKC squad this season has hit their top gear. They have been annihilating their opposition and improving their stellar show with each passing game.  

The arrival of Patrick Mahomes will bring in some added impetus in the administration side of things. Hopefully, we’ll be able to witness some new signings in the near future. Sporting KC is delighted to have Mahomes on board, here’s hoping that it shows in their coming games.

Where else has Mahomes invested his wealth? 

Apart from this recent venture, Mahomes has also invested in a couple of other companies and organizations. The most notable of those will be his investment in sports tech startup WHOOP. This startup, founded by three Harvard graduates, is currently valued at $1.2 Billion. According to Sportszion, WHOOP was able to raise $204.8 Million in their Series E funding round. 

The success he had with WHOOP is a testament to his adeptness in the financial side of things.  

Rivalry with franchise CEO on the cards? 

Kansas City Chiefs’ CEO Clark Hunt is part of FC Dallas’ ownership group. When asked about the rivalry that’s about to ensue, Mahomes said, “We’ll have a friendly little rivalry in that sense. But at the same time, he’s a great owner and Clark is a great guy, so it will be nothing more than a friendly little rivalry.” 

With this deal in place, the city of Kansas is expected to see a rise in MLS attendance and the Sporting Kansas City fanbase will only see a rise from here on.

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