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Fabio Ciciotti and Don Francesco Cristofaro: A New Beginning on Padre Pio TV

The news is fresh and is already making the rounds on the web: starting from 15 October, the television station Padre Pio TV will host a new column in the program “Fatti per il Cielo” hosted by Don Francesco Cristoforo which will be led by Fabio Ciciotti, which will involve the public in the broadcast through social media surveys. The revelation of this new collaboration comes with excitement and curiosity, and promises an unprecedented television adventure.


“Fatti per il Cielo”: a new television adventure for Fabio Ciciotti


The “Fatti per il Cielo” program can boast four successful editions under the leadership of Don Francesco Cristofaro, a presenter who was able to touch the hearts of the public with his innovative and social approach to the dissemination of the word of God.


Known for his always fresh and original initiatives, Don Francesco Cristoforo decided to introduce Fabio Ciciotti into the program, given his sensitivity and incredible communication skills.


What pushed Don Francesco to choose Fabio Ciciotti as the new face of the show?

Don Francesco Cristoforo underlined that the choice came from a reflection on disseminating the word of God in a completely different way. Don Francesco underlined that he had been following Fabio for a long time.


But the creative spark in Don Francesco struck in an unexpected and fun way, in fact he says: “I was sitting on the sofa, surfing the channels and I recognized the film ‘Sister Act’. That’s when I had the idea! From musician to spreader of the word of God: Fabio Ciciotti was the perfect choice.”


For his part, Fabio Ciciotti admits that he was initially skeptical when faced with this proposal. One of the first questions he asked himself was: “How will my audience react?”. However, his reservation about participating in the program did not last long: novelties are his forte, and Fabio is ready to welcome this challenge with enthusiasm and dedication.


A new format that will involve viewers on social networks


The new format promises to be an interactive reference point for viewers. In fact, Ciciotti has a program in store that involves strong public involvement through social media, giving life to surveys and initiatives that will allow viewers to be an active part of the program.


This engagement strategy represents a significant step towards more modern and participatory television communication, in line with the digital times we live in.


The curiosity around this unprecedented collaboration between Don Francesco and Fabio Ciciotti is palpable. The two hosts, despite coming from apparently distant worlds, share a common vision: that of bringing people closer to faith and spirituality through an accessible and engaging language.


The appointment is set for October 15th, the date on which this television adventure destined to leave its mark will begin. Viewers will be able to follow the broadcast on Padre Pio TV, available on digital terrestrial channel 145, on 445 on TivùSat and on 852 on Sky, in two different time slots: in the morning at 8.40am and in the afternoon at 3.25pm.


While waiting for the debut, the air is full of expectations and the public is preparing to welcome this new television duo with warmth and enthusiasm.


Don Francesco Cristofaro and Fabio Ciciotti are ready to guide spectators on a unique and fascinating journey, between faith, reflection and interactivity, consolidating the success of “Fatti per il Cielo” and providing moments of profound inspiration and spiritual closeness.


Ciciotti’s new column on “Fatti per il Cielo” is destined to become an unmissable event for the faithful and beyond: tune in and get involved in this innovative and stimulating television experience. The countdown has begun, and the excitement is already sky high.

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