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5 Reasons You Should Get Electric Ride from Electric Kicks

Urban transportation is changing. With more awareness about environmental impact and personal health, electric kick scooters are exploding in popularity in cities and towns nationwide. Electric Kicks is one of the leading electric scooter and rideable companies at the forefront of this transformation toward renewable transportation, sustainable cities, and eco-friendly technology. 

Here are five compelling reasons to switch to emission-free micro-mobility if you’re on the fence about getting an electric ride like a kick scooter or electric bike from Electric Kicks. 

  1. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint 

Transportation accounts for the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions compared to any economic sector in the United States. Gasoline-powered vehicles like cars and motorcycles contribute significantly to air pollution and climate issues through burning fuel and releasing exhaust. Transitioning to zero-emission electric rides like those offered by Electric Kicks allows you to reduce your carbon footprint and environmental impact. 

Riding an e-scooter or e-bike means no direct emissions getting you to your destination. Even when accounting for emissions during electricity generation to charge electric vehicles, research has shown total lifetime emissions are substantially lower with electric transport than traditional vehicles. Help combat climate change and make your daily travel greener by opting for one of Electric Kick’s electric ride options for urban transportation. 

  1. Save Money on Transportation 

Electric scooters and bikes are way more economical to own and operate than a car. Cars depreciate immediately, costing hundreds or thousands annually in insurance, fuel, maintenance, and repairs. The entire cost of purchasing an electric ride from Electric Kicks is likely less than one year’s worth of expenses to own a car. Not to mention, relying more on an electric scooter or bike means you can lower car insurance rates by reducing annual mileage. 

And costs don’t stop after buying the ride. Charging an e-scooter or e-bike is mere pennies per charge, with some estimates as low as $15-20 per YEAR in electricity costs—no more expensive gas fill-ups. Maintenance like brake changes, tire rotations, and oil changes disappear with electric transport. Save seriously over the long run with eco-friendly electric mobility from Electric Kicks rather than a car. 

  1. Enjoy Health Benefits 

Electric scooters and bicycles make staying active part of your daily transportation rather than just leisure time physical activity. The CDC reports only about 26% of American adults get the recommended 2 1/2 hours weekly minimum of moderate aerobic exercise.  

Riding to your destinations on an electric assist ride naturally helps you meet exercise guidelines. Incorporating more physical activity into everyday routines creates long-term consistency to support weight goals, cardiovascular health, metabolism, and energy levels. 

The electric pedal assist and throttle also make riding longer distances easier than traditional bikes while still reaping these health benefits. Electric Kicks’ fast-charging, long-range electric vehicles have the battery backup to conquer lengthy cross-town commutes or all-day adventures. Achieve fitness objectives more easily with electric help from Electric Kicks taking you door-to-door. 

  1. Navigate Urban Areas Easier 

Crowded highways full of cars, scarce street parking, traffic jams at rush hour, and navigating parking garages make transportation in towns and metro areas a headache. Electric scooters and bikes from Electric Kicks help cut through the urban transit mess. 

First, they take up less space on roads and sidewalks, easing congestion as a “micro-mobility” solution built specifically for traveling shorter distances around dense cityscapes. Their compact size and agile handling make finding parking a snap compared to space-hogging cars. And legally, riding in bike lanes, bypassing gridlock, and avoiding parking costs altogether reduces frustrating headaches trying to get to your neighborhood dinner spot or downtown office space. Electric Kicks simplifies hectic city travel.

  1. Lead the Future of Sustainable Transportation 

Electric kick scooters and bikes are shaping the future of emission-free transportation with benefits for health, society, and the environment. From 2022 to 2030, the global electric scooter and motorcycle market is projected to grow by over 42%. And sixty percent of that industry growth is expected in North America as eco-friendly rides become mainstream. 

Major metro areas like New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Portland, and Austin already embrace micro-mobility technology like Electric Kicks provides to reduce car reliance. These cities are integrating renewable energy ride options into public infrastructure planning for greener, safer, and more efficient future transit networks. Dedicated lanes, docking stations, ridership data analysis, and electric vehicle subsidies are some ways urban transportation is adapting for sustainability. 

The message is clear: Americans want more renewable transportation choices, bringing us closer to broader net zero emissions goals. Electric kick scooters and bikes are rapidly becoming a cornerstone of greener, safer, and more efficient future transit. Choosing these rides for your transportation helps accelerate the collective sustainability action our world needs. Be at the forefront of pioneering clean energy mobility by purchasing your next vehicle from Electric Kicks. 


Electric scooters and bikes have revolutionized sustainable personal transportation, vastly improving how we get from one point to another. As society rapidly changes to meet critical climate challenges, transportation must evolve. Gas-guzzling cars, congesting roads, and polluting skies are no longer acceptable when affordable, zero-emission options exist – options like those Electric Kicks provides. Make your pledge to the planet by choosing Electric for your next ride purchase. 

Embrace the health perks of more active lifestyles these electric rides naturally promote. Save serious cash over the long term without spending on gas or expensive car maintenance. 

You have the power to lead change with your transportation decisions. Contact electric bike from Electric Kicks browse its unparalleled electric inventory today for your perfect emissions-free match. Then cruise into a greener future, knowing you’re helping accelerate climate solutions with every ride. 

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