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Why Run an SEO Audit of Your Website

Have you heard SEO audits are important for your website? If you have never run one before, you may wonder what the fuss is about. You have still managed to gain traffic increases and more sales, right? If the answer is no, it is time to explore SEO audits and what they are all about. This guide is going to help you figure out why they are so popular in the world of optimisation.

To Make Your Website Better

First, consider what an audit is. This is an examination or report on something. It allows you to figure out whether you are on track for your business goals or whether there are things you could be doing better. Therefore, this is what an SEO audit is all about. This is inspecting your SEO strategy and how your website is doing. Then, you are going to reach a decision on whether you are on target for your goals.

Therefore, an SEO audit allows you to check over everything you are doing with optimisation. You have the opportunity to spot errors and fix problems you come across. Plus, if you have the chance to change your strategy completely if you are not achieving the traffic boosts and sales increases you wanted. You have to keep an eye on and analyse SEO to see if you are hitting your targets. It does not just operate by itself. You have to make tweaks along the way.

Simply, SEO audits make your website better. If you are unable to run one yourself, consider hiring someone who can. For example, there is an SEO auditing service by ClickSlice. Their team specialise in optimisation and have the experience to spot errors and ways to improve your website. Plus, this is going to save you time and energy. Overall, you get to achieve the same goal without doing it yourself.

Are you wondering what is involved in an SEO audit? There are going to be several stages to expect. Here are some of them.

Identify Duplicate Content

Most website owners try their best to avoid plagiarism. But, these things can happen accidentally. For instance, websites can repeat their own content on several pages. They do not see anything wrong with this since they wrote it themselves. But, you have to realise that duplicate content is not beneficial to your website. You are missing out on the opportunity to stand out to Google by not including unique, optimised content.

Therefore, an SEO audit will bring any duplicate content to your attention. You have the chance to update and change this. You can optimise and make it unique, boosting your Google ranking. If you have a lot of duplicate content, you might be surprised by the results.

Choose Better Keywords

Some keywords are not going to help rank you higher on Google. They can be too competitive in a crowded industry. You might be wasting your time and wondering why you are not seeing results. Indeed, you could use better keywords to rank highly on Google. For instance, they can be less competitive and might help with local customers.

With an SEO audit, you can review the details of keywords. You can see whether they are achieving anything for your website. If they are not performing well, you can know what ones to change and select better keywords.

Find 404 Errors

Do you know if you have any 404 errors? Unless you manually check out every page all the time, you are unlikely to know if you have any. But, they occur over time and with changes to your site. They are frustrating for users to come across, which can make them leave your site. Plus, you are missing the opportunity to improve your ranking.

Again, an audit will find 404 errors. There are tools you can use to check and identify them. Then, you can make the necessary changes to boost your SEO. You can have peace of mind that you have found them all.

Test Website Speed

Having an efficient website is not just about information. You have to think about the speed. You want every page to be running quickly so that users can get the information they need. What’s more, Google likes websites that are fast and run smoothly. It all helps with your ranking.

During an SEO audit, the speed of your website will be tested. If there are slow pages, these can be optimised. Then, you can know that your site is running perfectly for visitors to enjoy. Plus, the speed and other elements help with Google ranking. This search engine wants to promote the best sites to its users. This includes those that run efficiently. Thus, those with faster websites tend to rank higher than those that do not.


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