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Blessed be the booze: ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ drinking game

We’re in the thick of S2 of 'The Handmaid’s Tale' right now and we don’t know about you, but this season has been so relentlessly harrowing that we need a drink (at least one) to get through it. To help you make it through all thirteen galling episodes of this season, we’ve made a handy drinking game.

Blessed be the booze: ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ drinking game

We’re in the thick of S2 of The Handmaid’s Tale right now and we don’t know about you, but this season has been so relentlessly harrowing that we need a drink (at least one) to get through it. To help you make it through all thirteen galling episodes of this season (or any future rewatches of the entire thing if you’re a total sadist) we’ve made a handy Handmaid’s Tale drinking game. So fix yourself a tall glass of whatever your poison is (the tears of straight men, perhaps? Personally we’re all about a stiff gin but whatever helps you through) and let’s do this. Blessed be the booze.

Take a sip everytime . . .

Elisabeth Moss in 'The Handmaid's Tale'

Offred / Jane has a flashback to her daughter

Take an extra large chug if they look super happy.

Offred / Jane mentions her daughter

By name or the power of suggestion.

A game of Scrabble is played

And you think it actually looks like a great time.

Nick smoulders in the background for an eternity

Seriously, Nick? This is your contribution to everything?

Commander Waterford smirks like a creepy bastard

At anything and everything – a chair, a woman, a clay pigeon. The guy is pure salt.

Serena smokes

Spark one up yourself! If you don’t smoke, fuck it – start.

Serena shoots daggers at Offred with her eyes

Check your privilege, girl! Have another smoke!

One of the Marthas throws shade at a handmaid

Those kitchen queens are shady as hell, honey.

A pop song is played ironically

Take an extra long sip if it’s not a beloved 80s hit.

The colonies make you feel more miserable than you even knew possible

Pass us a shovel, ladies. We’re going in.

Aunt Lydia mentions God

Raise a glass to the crazy bitch and enjoy that sinful slurp.

Aunt Lydia smiles but you know she’s up to something shady

Drink as though she’s just made you a putrid green smoothie.

Aunt Lydia tazes a handmaid with a cattle prod

Take an extra sip if she’s having a great fucking time while she does so.

A hanging happens

Add an extra shot to your drink if it happens to a character we know (and like).

A noose is in shot

Because you know that shit’s going to be used at some point soon.

A handmaid is tortured

Don’t stop sipping until the screaming is over.

A handmaid is raped

Inexplicably not the most brutal part of this savage show.

A homophobic slur is made

Make yourself a tall new drink if it happens to be accompanied by a scene of extreme violence against a gay character.

Offred looks dead inside


Ofglen / Emily looks tired

Double same.

Someone cries

Make those very small sips. Drink like a bird! Lest you give yourself alcohol poisoning less than five minutes into an episode.

A woman does wrong by another woman

Again, try not to knock yourself out with this one.

Moira is given more than one line

Do a victory lap around your home if it happens to be a joke or involves some legit laughter.

Ofred / Jane sleeps on the floor instead of in bed

Drink your hooch on the floor in solidarity.

Nick just stands there and does fuck all

What an ally!

Janine shows up and says / does something mad

She’s a live wire waiting for water and we love her.

Commander Fred calmly reads the paper while Serena goes off about something

Honestly, so savage.

There’s way more blood on screen than you’d care to deal with

Or – if you’re a sicko like we are – not nearly enough blood for the violence depicted.

Offred / Jane pulls some classic white girl shit

Letting someone else take the beatdown for her mistakes? Rifling through the house of someone helping to keep her ass safe? Spitting out a smoothie that isn’t to her taste? Classic white girl shit.

Someone says “Praise be”, “Blessed be the fruit”, or “Under his eye”

Or anything that sounds like similar religious nonsense.

A particicution happens

Throw your empties into the bin like you’re launching a stone at a woman you’re secretly fond of.

A handmaid is mutilated for having too much to say for herself

The grosser it is, the bigger the sip.

A really clunky feminist statement makes you cringe

Chug those white male straight boy tears in solidarity to the cheesiness.

A handmaid looks shifty while crossing the path of a guard

Take another sip if the guard almost looks at her but not quite.

Mayday is mentioned

But nothing happens.

Someone almost escapes

Finish your drink if they’re killed just before they make it out.

Take a shot everytime . . .

Alexis Bledel in 'The Handmaid's Tale'

Someone successfully escapes Gilead


Someone smiles unironically

Hold up, are those facial muscles doing what we think they’re doing?! It’s a handmaid’s miracle!

A character you like is unmercifully slaughtered

Pour one out for the fallen, babe.

Down your drink whenever . . .

Ann Dowd in 'The Handmaid's Tale'

A series of extremely heinous events happen in quick succession

A rape scene, torture sequence, stolen baby, sad flashback, mutilation, and public stoning all in the space of three minutes? Down it!

Nick does something useful (that doesn’t involve his dick)

As if.

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