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Need to give a proper farewell to Showtime's 'Shameless'? Relive some of the shows steamiest moments with their greatest sex scenes.

Celebrate the final season of ‘Shameless’ with these sex scenes

Sad news for diehard fans of Shameless: this season is going to be its last. But don’t get too sad – there’s plenty of Shameless content to binge once your favorite show finally comes to an end. Here are the hottest & steamiest sex scenes from the show for your viewing pleasure.

Meeting Steve (Jimmy?)

In the pilot episode of Shameless, we get to witness the meeting of one of the show’s most iconic (and sexiest) couples. Fiona (Emmy Rossum) meets Steve (Justin Chatwin) at a club, and he quickly becomes her knight in shining armor when he attempts to fight the guy who stole her purse. 

Fiona brings Steve back to her house, and they start having steamy sex in the kitchen, in which Steve gets his hand slammed in a drawer. Talk about the throes of passion! 

Where did you learn that?

It’s safe to say that Lip (Jeremy Allen White) & Mandy (Emma Greenwell) have their fair share of problems. In season 3, episode 3, the couple is definitely on the outs, and Mandy becomes suspicious of Lip when he goes down on her and tries some new “techniques”. The scene is fraught with emotion, but in our humble opinion, that just makes it all the steamier. 

Threesome with mom

As far as sexual relationships on Shameless go, it’s hard to top Kev (Steve Howey) & V (Shanola Hampton). In season 3, episode 8, their sex life reaches an all-time crazy point when V realizes she can’t conceive on her own, and so she asks her mom to step in and sleep with Kev so that they can have a baby with at least some of her genes.

As expected, the event doesn’t go totally . . . smoothly. V’s mom gets drunk and puts on some sexy music, but V makes her put a bag over her head out of jealousy. Luckily, Carol ends up getting pregnant, or that whole situation would have been even more awkward than it already was. 

The nurse & the patient

Outside of their raunchy relationship with mom, Kev & V have some crazy sexual escapades on their own. In season 3, episode 9, the couple roleplay in something known as “gimp porn.” Kevin lies in bed like a battered patient, and V dresses like a hot nurse. You can guess the rest! 

The boss’s brother 

In season 4, Fiona has a new job at a cup factory, and has started dating her boss, Mike (Jake McDorman). Everything is peachy, and she isn’t struggling for the first time in a while. But who is Fiona if not someone who self-sabotages at every possible opportunity?

In season 4, episode 3, Mike’s bad-boy brother, Robbie (Nick Gehlfuss) attempts to seduce Fiona while Mike is sleeping in the other room. And . . . he succeeds. Fiona & Robbie proceed to have sex on Mike’s kitchen table. And, despite Fiona’s self-hatred and guilt, she sleeps with Robbie again. And again. 

Lip & Mandy

Here, we have another Lip & Mandy moment, but with a very different vibe from season 3, episode 3. In season 5, episode 3, Lip attempts to stop Mandy moving away with her abusive boyfriend. The two sleep together despite Lip having a new girlfriend at college. He tells her she’s beautiful, smart, and funny. She tells him she loves him, but he can’t bring himself to say it back. Mandy ends up moving away anyway. 

Weekend with the musician

In season 5 episode 4, Fiona meets a hot, bearded musician named Gus (Steve Kazee). The two engage in a week-long sex marathon in his apartment, which ends with the two getting married. The marriage ends up being a total disaster – but it seems like the sex was pretty spectacular! 

Sleeping with the teacher

Ever since Lip arrives at college, it’s only a matter of time before he gets involved with a professor. In season 5, episode 9, Lip goes to the office hours of Professor Heléne Runyon. Lip goes down on Runyon on her desk, and someone knocks, causing them to freeze momentarily. “I’m with a student,” calls out Runyon. 

Prison break

One of our absolute favorite Shameless couples is Ian (Cameron Moneghan) and Mickey (Noel Fisher). In season 7, episode 10, Mickey breaks out of prison and heads straight to Ian. They meet by the river at night, and the two start having sex almost immediately. And, yes – it is swoon-worthy! 

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