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From 'Ocean's Eleven' to 'The Gambler', a popular movie about gambling isn't complete without the complexity of in-depth casino scenes.

​Most Popular Movie Casino Scenes in history

Gambling, casinos,​​ and movies! In today’s article, we go over some of the most popular movies/ movie scenes based around casinos! Casinos and movies have a long history together, by definition they’re about risk. 

Gamblers in movies tend to have the main character/s putting their well-being on the line with high-risk bets looking for that big score, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. Our list doesn’t just include movies about gambling/gamblers but also great movies with casinos involved.

popular movie casino scenes

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popular movie casino scenes

Oceans’ Eleven (2001)

This movie is based around the character Danny Oceanplayed by George Clooney who set his eyes on scoring the largest heist in history! Trying to rob not one Las Vegas Casino but three, The Bellagio, The Mirage, and the world-famous MGM Grand. 

All in hopes to cash out with $150 million. This movie is not only packed with action and excitement but a great mind-bending experience performed by top-tier actors which include Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, and many more.

popular movie casino scenes

21 (2008)

A semi historic film, 21 is a story about a secretive club consisting of five M.I.T students in Boston, who take to being tutored by their unorthodox math professor the skill of counting cards. 

We follow a young Ben Campbell (Jim Sturgess) looking to fund his transfer from M.I.T to Harvard School of Medicine. We quickly learn that Ben cannot afford the $300K tuition fees, which leads our main character to Las Vegas. 

Joining his new friends on frequent secret weekend trips using their newly learned hand signals and code to communicate and outplay the House making hundreds of thousands in the process. Although it’s never recommended to actually count cards at a casino for the reason of being kicked out it’s an action-packed crime drama inspired by the events in 1979 and 1994.

popular movie casino scenes

Rounders (1998)

Another great movie features Matt Damon as law student Mike McDermott returns to a swaggering reformed poker player of the late ‘90s to help his old gambling partner Worm (Edward Norton) pay his prison debt to the scary Grama. Grama demands $15,000 on a five-day deadline spiraling the two into a high-intensity five days non-stop gambling splurge. 

This film in particular is responsible for many to delve into the expanding and vast world of poker and gambling. With that being said today many wannabe Mike McDermotts don’t need to actually visit a casino anymore, instead many opt into the world of online gaming for their poker thrills.

popular movie casino scenes

The Cincinnati Kid (1965)

Many would argue that Rounders is one of the best if not the best poker movie ever made. Those who say so have clearly not seen The Cincinnati Kid. The film features the notorious Steve McQueen as the Cincinnati Kid, a young stud up and coming poker player who makes his way from one big game to another till he is set to play against a legendary champion high stakes poker player! 

The film features some of the most realistic card dealings of any poker film to date. Although not as refined as more recent films the film feels current and is a truly inspiring film having you rooting for the underdog. Word of warning this film will probably have you checking out an actual casino or trying your luck in virtual casinos.

popular movie casino scenes

California Split (1974)

When a gambler out of luck meets up with Elliot Gould, a free-spirited character they decide to have some fun.  Although this film is mostly based around the boys-will-be-boys friendship between Elliot and Bill, it’s a great fun-packed movie following the two adventures down into the gambling world, discovering the winning streak!

popular movie casino scenes

The Gambler (1974)

Another film from the 1970s! This film has us following the successful life of college professor Axel Freed spiral down the world of gambling debt. First having the character loan and lose all the money borrowed to him from his mother as well as his girlfriend and then to a loan shark. 

Eventually, he gets disowned by his mother and later dumped by his girlfriend and of course, wanted dead by the loan shark in true Hollywood style. Axel Freed tries his luck one last time to make big cash out and regain his dignity and his life. This is truly the life of a gambler who just cannot seem to find a big enough excuse to stop his gambling ways.

popular movie casino scenes


These Casino/Gambling Movies are all super movies to kick back relax and enjoy! That being said, they are so good they actually inspire a lot of people to try their own luck at the games or casino lifestyles seen in the films. It is wise to make sure players learn some basics before trying their luck with actual funds but who knows maybe they are the next Cincinnati Kid!

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