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Are you excited for the NFL 2020 season? Kick off this season of American football with some hilarious, relatable NFL memes.

Here are the most savage NFL memes for this season

In this crazy year, the NFL is exactly what we needed to give us some sense of normalcy. The NFL kicked off this past weekend and there’s already so much to discuss. Underdogs won, controversial calls were made, and some stories remained the same. 

The NFL community took to the internet this weekend and already made some hilarious memes for some of the top stories of the season. Here are the most savage NFL memes so far for the 2020 season. 

Cowboys lose week one

While the Dallas Cowboys are referred to as “America’s team,” nobody besides Cowboys fans like the Cowboys. Seeing the Cowboys lose brings joy to many and their loss to the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday Night Football could be the first of many. 

New season, same Cleveland Browns

How do you still manage to be the laughingstock of the league while possessing one of the most stacked offenses in the league? Easy. Just be the Cleveland Browns. 

NFL boycotters giving up

Many NFL players are demonstrating for social equality by linking arms during the national anthem and wearing the names of victims of police brutality on the back of their helmets or masks. Some NFL fans are upset about this boycott and threatened to do their own boycott this season. However, if you’re a big football fan that protest probably isn’t going to last very long. 

Cam Newton’s fashion choice

Cam Newton always rolls up to the game rocking a style that draws attention from viewers. So it’s only natural that Cam rocks this bright yellow suit for his debut game with the New England Patriots.

Father time is coming for Tom Brady & Rob Gronkowski

Tom Brady is one of the greatest of all time, but he is now 43 and age may be starting to catch up to him. His favorite tight end, Gronk, came out of retirement and joined Brady in his move to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Both players looked slow in the opener against the New Orleans Saints which may suggest that retirement is coming soon. 

Bandwagon Patriots fans

During the twenty years that the New England Patriots, led by Bill Belichick & Tom Brady, dominated the NFL, the team added some fans who were only there because the team was good. When Brady moved to Tampa Bay, some of the fans may have gone with him. However, after seeing Cam lead the Patriots to a win, while Brady got smacked by the Saints, these fans may be reconsidering their decision. 

Andy Reid’s humid shield

Andy Reid’s face shield got noticeably foggy during the Kansas City Chiefs opener against the Houston Texans. Whether Reid could see the field or not, he still coached one heck of a game by getting the win. 

Deandre Hopkins watching the Texans with joy

One of the most confusing decisions in the NFL this offseason was when the Texans traded one of the best receivers in the league, Hopkins, to the Arizona Cardinals for a bag of skittles and a used Kleenex. Hopkins had an amazing game on Sunday for the Cardinals while the Texans were clearly missing him against the Chiefs. 

The Washington Football Team is undefeated

When the Washington football team announced that they were changing their nickname to the Washington “Football Team,” the internet and the league had some good laughs. However, Washington defeated the reigning NFC East champions, the Philadelphia Eagles, in week one, so who’s laughing now?

The NFL season is back and fans are sure to get more hilarious memes as the season progresses. 

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  • Okay, okay, you got me with the Homer Simpson Patriots meme, now stop it. I almost died of laughter. 😆😆😆😆 Still rolling on the floor after twenty minutes.

    November 9, 2020

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