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A piece of literature is a product of a lot of hard work. After a million breakdowns, creative blocks and sleepless nights, an author finally completes their dream project. At last the dream to touch the hearts of a billion with the written word will become a reality. Here, at this point starts a whole new journey for the author and their work of art. Challenging times ahead, as at this point you as an author compose yourself and ask yourself, what now? How are we going to go out there in the world? You can very well email a dozen traditional publishing houses, but the chances of passing the test of these agencies are very slim. Don’t get this wrong; do try your hand at traditional publishing but its fiercely competitive. 

It’s 2022, you might as well go public on your own. You can either go all on your own or choose to work with a self-publishing agency. Today, there are a variety of such agencies available in the market like MindStir Media an LA based publishing house. These agencies can point you in the right direction and facilitate smooth production of your book. But before you leap into a decision about self publishing you must answer a number of crucial questions.

Acknowledge the Long Drawn Process, After you are Done with Writing

As an author your work doesn’t end as and when you are done with writing your book. A lot of work awaits you even after that. You will have to design the book cover, edit the manuscript thoroughly, work on illustrations, take care of the publishing, distribution, marketing, and sales. If you are up for the bulk work you might as well tackle it head on. But if you feel like outsourcing and working with likeminded people then you can go for self publishing agencies like MindStir Media. This self publishing house offers a variety of services that you can avail at affordable prices. Services like book designing, editing, marketing, sales and distribution. Whatever you require, you can opt for as per your budgetary needs. Agencies like MindStir Media strive to provide the writer with a safe space to make creative decisions wisely. 

Quality check & Audience Selection 

Most importantly, before letting your work see the light of the day you must be sure if it’s ready or not. If not, you must make sure that it is ready to step out. Edit your copy deeply, proofread it to eliminate errors. You can do it yourself or hire a professional. Although, it is recommended that a professional edit should be done. You can hire a freelancer or go for editing services offered by a self publishing agency, whatever fits your budget. Most Agencies like MindStir Media offer impeccable editing services at affordable prices. Although it feels a little awkward as you would like everyone to read your book, still you must settle on a target audience. 

Choose a Self Publishing Agency

With self publishing on rise, every budding author is opting self publishing their work. Given the circumstance, one can only expect a significant rise in the number of self publishing agencies in the marketplace. However, you must be careful while choosing one. You must go for a house which honors creativity, provides ample opportunities and guidance for a smooth publishing journey like MindStir Media who are open to young talent looking for an opportunity to grow as a writer.

Henceforth, if you feel your art is ready to face the world, then go ahead and self publish it but keep the important questions in mind. 

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