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Do you love Meghan Markle? Learn more about the fantastic character she played on 'Suits' and how she was queen of the courtroom.

Relive Meghan Markle’s acting days: Her best ‘Suits’ episodes

Though Meghan Markle left Suits behind her for the life of Buckingham Palace, we can’t help but wonder if she might return to Suits since her return to Hollywood with Prince Harry. 

Despite Meghan Markle’s acting rumors, the hit TV show definitely paid tribute to the actress in one of the final episodes of Suits, Mike (Patrick J. Adams) even referenced the former actress in an episode. 

According to Glamour, Patrick J. Adams has told reporters that if he “told you how good” Meghan Markle is doing, “you probably wouldn’t believe” him. And thanks to Suits writers, they added the exact line in the series and now we can’t help but look back at Markle’s greatest moments in the series. Let’s take a look!

Hello, Rachel

If we’re looking back at Meghan Markle’s best Suit’s performances, we have to start right at the beginning. Yes, when she first meets Mike (Patrick J. Adams) in season 1, episode 1. Rachel (Markle) might warn Mike that she doesn’t date people from the same law firm, but we could clearly see the chemistry between the two characters. It was clearly love at first fight!

Heated romance

After fans constantly hoping that Rachel (Meghan Markle) & Mike (Patrick J. Adams) would end up together, they finally have a romantic moment in the firm’s file room in Suits season 2, episode 16. However, was it Mike’s honesty about his secret or the undeniable love behind that banter. Either way, we loved how Rachel kept her cool. 

Go get ‘hem!

In episode nine, season 1 of Suits, Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) is pushed under the bus for leaking the firm’s private documents. When the firm hears that she is the one responsible they immediately fire her on the spot. However, when they realize she wasn’t the one to blame, Rachel is fired up and ready for a raise. You go girl! 


Remember when Mike pretended to be a Harvard student and got all the firm’s cases? Well, Rachel soon started studying for the LSAT exam in season 1, episode 6 of Suits thanks to Mike’s phenomenal words of persuasion. 

We could all relate to Meghan Markle’s character when she confessed that she’s afraid to get “any questions wrong”. We felt the character’s vulnerability in this episode and we know you did too. 


After hard work & determination Meghan Markle’s Rachel Zane finally got into Stanford to become a real big shot. In Suits season 3, episode 10, Rachel however chooses the firm and Mike over her dream to become a full attorney. 

Rachel also has to decide whether she should make a deal with Jessica Perason (Gina Torres) in regards to Mike’s terrible Harvard secret. However, she stays true to who she is and signs the affidavit only if Pearson removes the rule about accepting Harvard graduates. Ahh . . . clever! 


Luckily for Rachel, Karma didn’t bite her by the knees. In season 6, episode 3 of Suits, Meghan Markle’s character showed how serious she takes the law when she beat her rival at law school. Not only did she take her down, but she provided the utmost flare of finesse with a touch of blackmail.

Wedding bells

The best Suits episode by far of Meghan Markle is her walk down the aisle. Ironically the producers of the show actually gave the actress the perfect send-off. According to Cheatsheet, Rachel wore the same dress as the wedding Mike & Rachel planned the first time around. However, this wedding was absolutely perfect!

The wedding guests included the main cast such as Donna (Sarah Rafferty), Harvey Spencer (Gabriel Macht), Louis Lit (Rick Hoffman), and Rachel’s father Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce). Walking to John Legend’s classic “All of Me” and Rachel’s incredible vows to Mike, it was pretty emotional . . . .

After this episode, Meghan Markle’s character Rachel Zane & Mike Ross would start a new firm together as newlyweds. Best love story ever!

Do you think Meghan Markle will make a royal return to Suits alongside Patrick J. Adams? Let us know in the comments below. 

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