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Hollywood has given us an abundant offering of great movies and many of them are about driving and cars. Here are some iconic car films worth watching.

Iconic car films you’ll want to watch over and over again

Hollywood has always given us an abundant offering of great movies and many of them are about driving and cars. Who could forget Dom Toretto’s (Vin Diesel) line “I live my life a quarter mile at a time” in 2001 The Fast and Furious movie? Despite this, it is not easy for directors to film scenes with vehicles and instantly expect audiences to react in a positive way.

This is because car films often attract real gearheads, who want to see their passion for automobiles on screen. Typically, the car movies we love either have impressive driving skills or high-speed chases that have you on the edge of your seat with cool and classic cars. And fortunately, many directors have, in fact, mastered scenes with plenty of edge-of-your-seat driving scenes.

Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000)

This film stars Nicolas Cage film and features a classic heist plot that brings together famous stars in Hollywood while featuring many iconic cars. Cage plays a retired car thief who must return to the dirty business and steal 50 cars in a single night in order to save his brother. Cage is on fire as he does the deed with a smoldering look.

After watching it once, viewers will never forget the film’s parade of interesting vehicles and smoking tires, including a Bentley Azure 1999, a Ferrari Testarossa1987, a Ferrari 275 GTB4 1967, an Aston Martin DB1 1962, a Volvo Turbo Wagon R 2000, and many others.

Death Race (2008)

Who wouldn’t want to watch a death-defying action flick with Jason Statham doing chasing and racing stunts? Statham plays a prisoner that is wrongfully accused and forced to participate in present-day gladiator combats in colorful armored vehicles.

Death Race puts a lot of emphasis on cars, which includes a Jaguar XJS 1991, a Dodge Ram 2004, and a Ford Mustang GT 2005. This may not be your typical car race film, but it doesn’t disappoint in delivering plenty of action-packed scenes. You will have a great time watching Statham in intense and thrilling races with humor injected in the right places.

Drive (2011)

This action-packed car film stars Ryan Gosling and several other famous names, such as Carey Mulligan, Christina Hendricks, and Bryan Cranston. Gosling plays a professional getaway driver and a stunt driver, with his beautiful classic cars playing a part in the film’s success, too.

The film has a lot of exciting high-speed car chases and exhilarating scenes. When it was first released in 2011, audiences received it incredibly well and critics praised the film for its dramatic action and sound effects. A quiet and level-headed driver makes Gosling perfect for this role.

In well-loved car movies, the vehicles are equally important as the Hollywood stars. The elements that make a movie iconic and exciting like adventure, heists, comedy, pop culture, and rivalry, is intensified by car action. With this, car films will always stay and rule the industry.

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