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Are you excited to see the new era of 'Doctor Who'? See how fans are getting pumped for the cast of the new era of the long-running series.

Will Billie Piper return to the ‘Doctor Who’ cast?

Doctor Who fans are currently celebrating in a big way. In 2023, Russell T. Davies, who revived the series back in 2005, is coming back as a showrunner with, well, whoever is going to play the Fourteenth Doctor. Davies’ run on the series is particularly beloved by fans. After all, he brought fans the Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Martha Smith, Donna Noble, characters that remain beloved to this day.

Will Billie Piper, who played Rose Tyler, show back up in the cast of Doctor Who, however? Could we see her again in the show? Honestly, we can’t tell what’s going to happen moving forward. The fans, however, have a wish list and some major excitement since the announcement. So let’s see their vibe on things.


Everyone is making grabby hands at series 14

Don’t forget. We have those specials with the Thirteenth Doctor as well.


Old fans are sliding in

All of us in 2023. 


Pretty fanart

People are sharing their faves from the RTD era.


Ah our hearts

The joy is just overtaking them all.



And we’re looking back on some of the best cast moments of the RTD era of Doctor Who.



When do we see the 60th anniversary, Russell? 


Time to toss Doctor suggestions into the ring

C’mon, buddy. POC Doctor for Series 14.


Break us

Remember all the times he made us cry?


He has to be looking for the new Doctor

Seriously, though, Davies. 


Fight! Fight! Fight! 

Meanwhile, we can’t wait to see Moffat shade Davies in the comments.

Do you think that Russell T Davies will invite the cast of his first Doctor Who era back? Who do you think he’ll cast as the new Doctor? Let us know in the comments below! 

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