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Home cannabis growers often have to do a lot of hard work, specifically when it comes to growing a garden inside. Continue to see our tips for the winter!

Tips To Have A Thriving Indoor Cannabis Garden This Winter

Home cannabis growers often have to do a lot of hard work, specifically when it comes to growing indoors. But every ounce of effort is worthwhile as it sets you up for quality yield right in your home. Moreover, you can do it discreetly without raising eyebrows and worrying about thieves and rodents reaching your plants in the backyard. 

The best part is that you know what you get and save money on your stash supplies by ditching dispensary trips. 

Everything about growing cannabis indoors sounds enticing, but you may worry about handling your crop in winters. Although you need to worry less than managing an outdoor garden, there are still many concerns as temperatures drop to sub-zero levels. 

But the cold and moist weather shouldn’t be an impediment to growth. There are ways to have a thriving garden despite the rigors of the season. Here are some tips from seasoned cultivators you can rely on.. 

Choose the right strains

The choice of the right strains can make all the difference to the quality and quantity of your cannabis garden. You can ensure both by picking a weather-appropriate strain. The indica strains are ideal for cold climates as they can survive and thrive even at low temperatures. 

They are genetically suitable for harsh conditions, so you need not worry about keeping them healthy during winter. Although they seldom grow into large plants, you can expect them to be healthy. 

Autoflowering strains also work well for cultivators who want cold-hardy plants. The flower automatically after a certain period instead of waiting for a change in the light cycle. These strains require less time to develop, and you can harvest in only eight weeks after planting. It means you can grow multiple harvests in one season, even during cooler months. There couldn’t be a better way to do more with less.

Know ideal indoor temperatures

Cannabis requires optimal growing temperatures to get a healthy yield. Humidity is also a concern, though you need not worry much about it for an indoor garden. 

However, you must know the optimal temperatures for different weed plant stages and ensure that your plants do not have to bear the extremes. Cannabis does not thrive when it is too warm or too cold. The 70-85°F range is ideal through the entire stages of growth.

Temperatures above 95°F slow the growth, and a dip to the freezing level may even kill your plants. Additionally, extreme fluctuations can make them susceptible to mildew, mold, and root rot. 

If you want to ensure the safety of your crop, maintain the indoor temperature to keep it within the optimal range. Keep a temperature range of 68-77°F during the seedling stage.  The vegetative growth stage requires a temperature range of 71-82°F, while the flowering stage needs 70-78°F as the ideal range.

Use lighting and heaters to maintain temperatures

Once you know the ideal temperatures for different growth stages, it is crucial to maintain them. Indoor lighting sets you up for success, but make sure you know how to use them to your advantage. Turn them on during the nighttime to make up for the drop in temperature. 

You can turn them off during the daytime as temperatures tend to increase when the sun is out. However, you must monitor them consistently and turn the lights on even during the day if there is a need.

While daytime temperatures are on the higher side, they may not be good enough to maintain a thriving garden. Consider using central heating if the lighting does not work alone. 

You will need a heater round-the-clock if using cold lights like LEDs. Alternatively, you may install a digital thermostat to control the heater according to temperature requirements. Either way, you get a good crop without spending a fortune on energy bills. 

Maintain humidity

Mold is a daunting threat to your cannabis crop during the winter. As temperatures drop, there is a possibility of an increase in relative humidity to the extent of endangering your plants. High humidity levels can slow down growth and make them prone to mold and fungi, even as they grow indoors. 

The best way to address the concern is by maintaining the temperatures at the optimum level. You can manage it by using central heating or lights. Installing a dehumidifier in your indoor garden is an even better idea. 

In some areas, winters tend to be dry, and you may actually face a different problem. Cold and dry air can be harsh for your crop because they do not get sufficient moisture to stay healthy. 

In this situation, you have to find ways to optimize humidity levels in your grow room. A moist growing medium can make up for the lower levels of water vapor in the air. Make sure that the relative humidity indoors remains between 40% and 60% consistently.

Look for cold floor solutions

When you grow indoors, you must also look for a cold floor solution. Placing the plants directly on a cold floor like concrete can affect the quality of yield and rate of growth. Placing the pots on a carpet or an insulating material is a good idea to avoid direct contact with the frozen surface. Your plant will not lose its heat to the surface, keeping it warm during the coldest days. 

The idea is to keep the roots away from cold surfaces underneath. You can also opt for soil-heating mats or place trays and pots for additional heat. But make sure that you do overheat the roots because it can do more harm than good. For example, installing extra mats on the floor is not the best thing if you have a heating system running throughout the day. 

A little effort takes you a step closer to a thriving cannabis garden inside your home, regardless of the cold weather outdoors. Just brush up on your basics about temperature, humidity, and plant care during winter. Implement them, and you will not have to worry about the quality and quantity of your yield. 

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