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How is it possible to forget your student’s life? Truly, it is impossible! Enjoy the best college movies you can stream right now.

All the best college movies you can stream right now

How is it possible to forget your student life? Truly, it is impossible! 

Every student’s life is a masterpiece for a great screenplay. It is a pity nobody writes it down because every student has no time for it. They have to write a lot of academic works. 

Meanwhile, college times requires not only hard work but also great refreshment between classes. Therefore while your assignment is on the go, pay attention to these movies. The collection of nine masterpieces we listed here will be interesting not only for current students but for those who want to remember their college years. Please relax and enjoy a good movie with us!

Lady Bird (2017)

Saoirse Ronan is booming as Christine in the teenage drama directed by Greta Gerwig “Lady Bird.” The growing-up girl is trying to identify herself and answer only to the name Lady Bird. She has issues with her mother, and it gives emotionally incandescent.  

A lot of moments from the film’s story match up with the director’s autobiographical fiction. In any case, the curious beholder will find in this film many answers to the most provocative questions that lurk in the innermost corners of their souls. 

Bad Teacher (2011)

Elizabeth Halsey is passionate about breast augmentation surgery, and she can’t wait to finish her teacher’s career at John Adams Middle School. She thinks she will marry her rich groom, Mark Pubich, but her dreams are unexpectedly broken. Mark is a mummy’s son, and he is leaving Elizabeth. 

The young teacher recovers fast, and she builds a new plan about getting the $9,300 for surgery procedure she can’t afford yet. Does she achieve her goal by legal means?  Let’s find out about it in a movie!

Life of the Party (2018)

McCarthy’s as Deanna in this film shows us that life has no burdens. After she passed through a divorce from her husband, she begins the adventure that totally changes her life. Eventually, she understands that she has no education degree. Therefore, Deanna decides to study again in college.

Alcohol parties, first love, a lot of fun, and debauchery: could it be possible to repeat when you are 40+? Definitely, yes!

21 & Over (2013)

The story of the movie is about turning around a straight-A young boy from a conservative Chinese family. He has a birthday today, and on this special day, he turns 21. The next day he has to turn up for a vital interview in medical school. 

Despite all the alcohol incidents, this story shows the audience all corners of brotherhood and friendship. What is a surprise waiting for him in the end?  

Sydney White (2007)

Amanda Bynes’ Sydney White is a cute, down-to-earth, and funny girl. She is not trying to pretend to be someone else because she stays a real person. But it is not saving her from disdainful glances of Kappa’s Sorority members. The most hated head of this student’s organization, Rachel Witchburn, declares war on Sydney. 

How to stay humane, keep your most beautiful qualities, and reveal them to your new friends – this is what movies tell us about. 

So Undercover (2012)

Molly is a mature teen who helps her ex-cop dad in a private investigation of adultery cases. Absolutely unexpected, an FBI agent recruits her to pretend as a sorority sister at a New Orleans college to take hold of Alex, a potential witness in a famous Russian mafia investigation. 

Molly is supposed to assure Alex to turn over the critical argument. Still, first, she has to play the role of a sorority girl decisively. A tight act is made even more complicated when she starts falling for Nicholas, who may also be involved.  

Accepted (2006)

Bartleby gets failures in every college he applies to. This fact is very disappointing for his parents with unduly expectations. In any case, he denies his loafer status and creates his own institution with the help of his friends.  

The film is about not giving up in any situation, especially when you are passionate about something.

Revenge of the Nerds (1984)

It always brings a lot of fun to find out how college life was flowing in the ’80s. This film definitely destroys the stereotype that a nerd is equal to a loser.  

Pitch Perfect (2012)

This movie is a musical trilogy about college all-girls, a capella group. While Beca is joining, she notices, that: “There are no songs from this century.” Then girls change the repertoire and make their voices sound fresh, pleasant, and outstanding.  

Finally, we want to say that this is very important to appreciate your real friends, value your teachers, and, despite everything, do your homework in time. 

Meanwhile, this portion of good movies brings you a lot of fun when you will find somebody from your class on the screen and refresh your memories if you are not a student for a while.

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