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5 Best Casino-Related Movies

Considering the abundance of films and the number of new productions that come out every year, writers and directors have to become more and more original in order to be noticed by critics and attract the attention of viewers. Casinos turn out to be quite a fruitful subject for the birth of intriguing plots. Writers take advantage of this and that’s why the genre diversity of casino-related movies is great: crime films, thrillers, mysteries, comedies, and even romances. If you want to immerse yourself in the world of Hollywood gambling, we have prepared for you the top five of the best movies related to casinos highly praised by both critics and audiences according to Rotten Tomatoes.

Ocean’s Eleven

Is there anyone who hasn’t seen at least one of the Ocean’s Gang movies? We bet not. The first film in the series appeared in 2001. Danny Ocean’s eleven-member team plans to rob Terry Benedict’s three casinos, and the expected loot is in the amount of $150 million. Ocean’s Eleven has been called by critics <i>’a well-seasoned serving of popcorn entertainment'</i>. Its intricate plot and an all-star cast including George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Julia Roberts, and Andy Garcia ensure the continuation of the story. Ocean’s Twelve is nearing two decades old after appearing in 2004, with Ocean’s Thirteen a few years later in 2007. The creators of the series were inspired, and in 2018 a film with a female band of robbers appeared – Ocean’s Eight. We are curious to know what kind of digital makeover hey would come up with for the plot if the action centred around an online casino!

The Hangover

The situation with The Hangover is like that of Ocean’s Eleven. The film has become one of the modern classics. If you say you haven’t watched it, you’ll get surprised and disapproving looks. And if you’re about to tie the knot, it’s a must-see before you walk down the aisle. For the best effect, you’d better watch The Hangover before your bachelor/bachelorette party. Just pretend we didn’t tell you that. If you’re a woman, you’ll get an idea of how far your future man’s gang can go. But in case you’re a man… well, you might prepare yourself for some of the consequences in advance. An added plus to the fun plot is that the action takes place in Las Vegas. You can watch the adventures and the terrifying hangover of Bradley Cooper and his gang while being on a virtual tour of the Las Vegas streets and casinos.

Casino Royale

Casino Royale is the twenty-first film of the legendary series and the first with the participation of Daniel Craig in the role of agent 007. It was realized in 2006 and it is an adaptation of the book of the same name by Ian Fleming. The action follows the beginning of the career of James Bond. The criminal banker and treasurer of international terrorists Le Chiffre has lost a large part of his clients’ money. As a result, he is forced to organize a poker game at the famous Casino Royale. But he has no idea who he’ll be up against. The head of the British intelligence service MI6 sends the best poker player among the agents. Bond. James Bond.


This is one of Martin Scorsese’s remarkable works, although the mere mention of his name sells the film. Casino tells a story of greed, power, money, deception, murder, and two friends. One of them is a casino executive and the other a mafia thug. The two enter a competition for a gambling empire and a femme fatale. The double face of Las Vegas is revealed – on the one hand, it is a city of great opportunities and a potentially glamorous future, on the other hand, it is a city of sin, cruelty, and moral decay. Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone, and Joe Pesci are a true delight for the movie buffs’ eyes. Not surprisingly, the production received Golden Globe and Oscar nominations.


Clive Owen stars as an aspiring writer (Jack Manfred) who is barely making ends meet. His financial difficulties force him to start working as a croupier. Immersing himself in the world of the casino, his work gradually becomes the centre of his existence, and Jack realizes that his life as a croupier could make a remarkable novel. Soon, Jack breaks the rules of the casino by dating one of the female gamblers, Janie. But she owes money and, pressed by her creditors, offers Jack to be the insider in a planned casino heist. But no one can predict the cards that will be dealt.

As you can see, all five casino-related movies boast remarkable storylines and high ratings from critics and audiences alike. If you haven’t watched any of them, don’t waste any more time. In case you’re a movie buff and have seen them all, just enjoy them all over again with a big bowl of popcorn or a cup of hot cocoa.

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