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Tons of famous actors like to hit the crap tables and gamble. Here's a rundown of the most notable stars who are also gamblers.

Top 5 Famous Actors Who Are Gamblers

Gambling is a game of risk- you either win or lose; it is “give or take.” Besides the hope of making cool cash, many people now participate in gambling as entertainment. In recent times, gambling is being perceived as a harmless social activity. Although there are still restrictions and governmental regulations in many countries, the overall global acceptance is improving. 

People can register with free sign up bonuses on to play games online. Many platforms also provide instant-play access to gamers without registration. 

These days, it is not unusual to find some famous actors who also enjoy gambling. Many of them participate in gambling activities to wind up when not working on a movie. Usually, such a time is when you find the actors in the company of their friends and colleagues. While most of them make good winnings, others are plain losers.

Some of these famous gambling actors, however, have difficulties in keeping their gambling inclinations at bay. They do not play only for fun but for the enjoyment of satisfying their addictions. We will find in this blog the names of the top 5 famous actors who are also gamblers.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is an American actor, film director, producer, screenwriter and professional gambler. The 48 years old actor qualified for the World Poker Tour in 2004 because of his incredible card skills that won him $356,400. When they discovered that Ben cheated in the game that got him his most wins, he was banned from most Blackjack tables afterwards.

It has been said that if he weren’t an actor, he would have been a very successful poker player. But he could not maintain the discipline it takes to be a professional. Ben is an addicted gambler, and it has cost him lots of money. The problem almost affected his career, although he couldn’t save his marriage.

Matt Damon

Matt’s favourite type of game is poker. He is a good friend of Ben Affleck. Some say that Matt’s love for gambling resulted from his best friend’s love for gambling also. Unlike Ben, Matt is not an addicted gambler, and he is also not a huge winner. He doesn’t bet with so much money and likewise doesn’t lose much money too.

According to some sources, he can control himself when it comes to gambling. He rarely visits casinos now, but he still participates in charity tournaments and plays privately with his friends.

Paris Hilton

Paris is famous for her “party girl” appearances and her immense love for casinos and the tables. She loves the casino house and plays for the entertainment and thrill of it. She has made more losses at the table, much more than she has won. Her most popular loss is her customized Bentley which she lost in a poker game in 2006.

Despite her wild lifestyle and frequent run-ins with the authorities, she is a hardworking woman whose net worth has continued to increase. She has now become a philanthropist who favours youths and children in her donations.

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria is a famous star actress in the popular television series- Desperate Housewives. Eva loves to play poker. She was so in love with the card games that she almost opened a casino shop with her friend.

Even though she works hard and makes her own money, Eva has been seen taking money from her wealthy and successful husband to fund her interests. All her winnings from the game are directed to the foundation she established for people with intellectual disabilities.

Jennifer Tilly

Jennifer is an American-Canadian actress and a professional poker player. Her father was a gambler and a poker player who introduced poker to Jenny. She has made a lot of winnings as a gambler. At some point in her life, Jennifer almost gave up her acting career to pursue her poker career. Then she realized that poker and gambling are more of an addiction and that she was going only to do it as a hobby.

Gambling is a game for pure entertainment and fun. People who want to participate can do so via online casinos from anywhere in the world. However, you can enjoy free online casino bonuses to make bets with. This is not usually offered in real casinos. 

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