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It is probably India’s best and most famous test show, Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC official website). He is animated on the TV by “who must be a tycoon;” which was the test show from the British. Who should be a mogul? More than 30 countries have been started under the agreement of the state. The deal is also with the development of the primary type of British work, based in London. The Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) game show started in 2000. The host of the KBC is Shri Amitabh Bachchan, India’s greatest hotshot and one of the significant components of KBC prosperity.


The Popularity of this show 

There were regular cleansers from Bahu in 2000. Thus, the latest test show trial, which Sameer Nair and the group updated on the Star Plus from 2000 to 2007, was very appealing, and the show immediately became the most significant success. From then on, from season 4 to the present, Sony TV circulated Major Synergy. Previously, the Ramayana and Mahabharata Indians had just seen the kind of fever. Often more well-established people argue that these series were broadcast some time ago by someone who has left their jobs and orchestrated themselves before TVs.

That was the time at some stage when houses had no TV, and the majority of people met the place of their neighbors. For the KBC lottery, similar anger was seen in the future among the Indian audience. Each age that appreciates children or the elderly resident everybody went deep in this spectacle and usually stayed narrow at 9 p.m. daily.

The 25 lac winner list: 

Mr. Shiv Raj Pandey

Mr. Ravi Chandran Kumar

Ms. Dipika Sharma

Ms. Kriti Sanon

Mr. Suraj Singh

Mr. Usman Pasha


The show provides extra opportunities to win big

Even over the years, KBC is the most significant achievement in the field of unreleased television drama, and the chance of talking about the dedication and achievement of this industry behind KBC is its host. It was nearly a neck-to-neck rivalry between the telecasters because when the KBC started Start Plus, the new achievements were produced, and almost every telecaster was stressed over its TRPs. The explanation was given to various test-based shows with different or comparative ideas. Zee TV was thinking of the show called “Saval Dus Crore Ka” by hosting “Jito Chappar Phad Ke,” Anupam Kher, and  Sony TV by Govinda of the performances came into operation while the worth cash was some times greater as opposed to the KBC. Call 0019188444470 for more updates on KBC show.

For the five years and after the massive success of the first and second seasons, KBC had a connection with Shah Rukh Khan was the host of the next season. Season 3 circulated as host for both crores in 2007 with Shah Rukh. SRK played with Bachchan last season and was the host in the seventh. At about the time, TRP was much lower than the previous number. However, it said that SRK was behind the AB Senior in KBC. TRP did not have the ideal impact on the crowd, according to the Times of India. A KBC lottery winner is a very lucky guy, isn’t he?


ABs have established such a high requirement that it is almost impossible to replace him with a seat. Bachchan and Crorepati are indivisible Amitabh and Crown Banega. ABs also have the potential to associate consistently with the crowd. The way he deals with the hopeless people makes them pleasant at the set time. In addition, each person is usually regarded irrespective of how young a candidate is.

The prize cash will be transferred to the next portion. While one or more crore or more are the most severe prizes, these coordinators often make the underlying inquiries extremely simple so that the hope of at least achieving a base price measure of cash is fulfilled. There are not enough helps to support complex queries. Initially, there were three, but after a few seasons, four lifesavers have increased in prize cash. In any event, there was a constant 50-50 and multitudinous sample.

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