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Who is Andy Horner aka Anxious Andy

A social media influencer is dominating the mental health world.

Andy Horner has become one of the biggest mental health influencers in the uk and possibly the world.

Andy’s global audience is over 1.1 million with thousands interacting on the social media’s stars platform. Andy who is mostly on Facebook and Instagram as Anxious Andy posts daily inspirational quotes and photos as well as doing live videos for his followers, Andy talks about everything mental health related as well as him telling stories about growing up and how times were very different on his platforms.

Andy doesn’t just stop at raising awareness on social media but also on his website which is high up in the google rankings. The Anxious Andy website has lots to offer, the website ranges from supportive mental health organisations through to distraction games and a news section so that Andy’s followers can keep up to date with what Andy is up to throughout the week.

Andy struggled with his mental health massively as a child right throughout his adulthood, it was then that Andy first started sharing his story online which brought in a huge audience that just got bigger and bigger.

Andy said “None of this was supposed to be for followers or gain, I just shared my story in the hope that someone else wouldn’t give up and would feel less alone, I just love helping others and I don’t get a penny out of it, I knows what it’s like to feel alone with no help or understanding from family or friends and even organisations like crisis centres”

Andy is hoping to get a team on board and create a community where people can get together in person in  West Yorkshire where he is from.

Andy has built the brand name Anxious Andy and is now wanting to expand his other enterprise which is Mental Health Prime which is another well known mental health platform on social media.

Andy said” i have worked hard to get the brand names, they are well known all over the world but now I want to bring them more to life in person, some of the ideas include a concert, walking groups and merchandise. It’s time to expand”

If you would like more information and to keep up with Andy’s journey you can download the Anxious Andy app or visit his website at

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