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What To Do To Discourage Possums Lurking Around Your Property

Have you been hearing strange noises, particularly at night not knowing what is making that sound? Have you spotted a mousey looking being with beady eyes scurrying past your roof on your sudden visit upstairs? Chances are there is a guest you have visiting and possibly nesting and it is a possum, a common sighting in homes across Australia. And yes once they are in, you should know that they are staying. So unless you know enough about them, it’s best to hire specialist pest control Sydney services and become stress-free!

Possums are similar to rodents though they are marsupials who carry their young in pouches or their backs. Rats make pitter-patter sounds with their claws on your roof. Possums are a bit larger and their movements make a thumping sound and are definitely heavier. They are under the protected list and so if you are confirmed you have one, it is advisable to take help from the possum removal service in Sydney as their personnel knows the right technique of removing these pests.

Signs of possum presence

Possums are night creatures and seem to come alive during nighttime. So while we try some shut-eye, their fighting, screeching, and running around in roof cavities keep us awake.

They are territorial and like to leave behind a distinctive foul smell of urine which can cover a large area of your ceiling and sometimes brown stains of glandular secretion. The possum urine smell is a lot like ammonia.  Unlike rat feces, possum droppings are often found in clusters in and around places they sleep. They stop being active around dawn and return to their hideouts.

You might mistake a possum for a rat. Rats are usually secretive and make sounds when there is no one around. They stop once they hear homeowners. However, possums continue their activity even after hearing human activity nearby.

Those of you who are more adventurous and wish to know if it’s rats or possums up there on your roof, you may try the apple test. Place an apple in your ceiling or roof area and observe the next morning. If most of it appears eaten, then it is possum as rats leave teeth or gnaw nibble marks. So before you feel scared about not knowing what to do book a request with pest control Sydney service experts and let them do the needful.

A few more possum facts you might want to remember

These nocturnal mammals are very good tree climbers and use branches closer to your home to leap and get in. They are silvery grey colored along with a black band across the snout area. They have a white to brown yellow belly. They are herbivores by habit and love flowers, young shoots, vegetables, and of course fruits. In some cases, it has been found that they become omnivores to suit their situation.

How to remove roof possums

If and when possums gain entry into your roof spaces and make a comfortable resting and nesting place be forewarned they are not easy to get rid of unless you consult possum removal service Sydney experts.   

These experts follow a few basic methods to drive these pests out. This includes first confirming their presence through inspection and spotting signs of presence. They then do a further inspection of probable spaces these pests might infest like attics and roofs. Then they plan a strategy to remove by using the safe and human way as possums cannot be killed as per law.

Guidelines or tips on what to do to avoid attracting possums

Avoid leaving your pet food outside your home 

Its common sense to know that all pet food not consumed by your pet becomes food for some other pest. Chiefly this may include rats or possums. They might come around seeking food and your pet food acts like heavenly bait. So if you want to deter their presence, leave the food in a covered bowl and get it inside your house from the open yard.

Seal up entry points

If you leave entry points unchecked it will only invite possums in and with ease. So seal up all cracks, gaps, and crevices to block entry to your homes. Once they see there is no way they can enter, they will go away looking for easier pastures.

Trim tree branches in your yards that are closer to your home roof

Possums love climbing branches. If you have trees that have overhanging branches leaning towards your house, its best you keep them trimmed to discourage possums from jumping and getting in.

Garbage disposal should be done with care

Do not leave leftovers and other organic waste scattered around as these attracts pest and possums. Use garbage cans with lids and these should be well-secured after use. Clean up all food crumbs and spills. This will keep possums and rodents at bay.

Keep your home exterior clean

Keep your external yard shrubbery and bushes neat and trimmed so that pests do not get the chance to seek a shelter or hideout beneath them. For firewood stack up wood in neat piles and keep them a foot above the ground as they will discourage rodents or possums from breeding underneath it.

Keep your garden shed and garage neat

Do not leave plant seeds and compost and fertilizers all over your garden. Put them in bags or sealed containers and keep them in your garden shed. If left open they attract possums. Also, keep firewood out of your garage or shed as they are ideal nests for rodents and possums. 

Secure the roof

Block all points of access to the roof by inspecting for holes or gaps around the eaves. Wait till night time. When possums leave the roof for foraging for food, try using chicken mesh or wood to block the gap.

Getting an expert to install a one-way door

Take the advice of a pest control Sydney service and see how you might fit a one-way door that will cause possums to exit but not re-enter.

Install a one-way door on your roof

If you’re struggling to see when the possums are leaving your roof, or if you’re concerned that one will be left behind and become trapped, a pest controller will be able to advise on how to install a one-way door that will let the possums out but not back in.

Request for specialist intervention

If you’re convinced of possums in your house, book a request to the professional pest control Sydney services which will send a team to inspect and handle the removal in the way they should leaving you stress-free and possum free!

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