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What to do in Soma bay Egypt & Hurghada for Family-friendly with Kids Morning?

Are you looking forward to taking special tours in the morning to enjoy the sunshine and relax on the beaches of Hurghada on Giftun Island for you and the children? I recommend for you the most beautiful trips in the morning and day tours to the historical archaeological sites in Luxor and Cairo.

  • Valley Of The Kings Tour or Overnight Trip to Luxor.
  • Hurghada To Giza by Bus, Minvan.
  • Orange bay Island Snorkeling Trip or Paradise Island.
  • Dolphin House Snorkeling day Tour or Scuba Diving Boat Trip for beginners.
  • Sunset Quad Biking Tour or Super Jeep Safari Trip.
  • Parasailing or Horse Riding.
  • Sindbad Submarine Tour or Royal Seascope Submarine Cruise.
  • Grand Aquarium Tour or Makadi Water World.


Hurghada City Tour from Soma bay 

Are you looking forward to visiting the most important Tourist Attractions in Hurghada and taking photos of them through a Short Private Tour for 4-5 hours? We provide you with a Private Car that will be with you throughout the trip and a tour guide as desired.

Are you looking forward to taking a Private Trip to best  Places to Visit in Hurghada without being bound by a specific program? We provide you with a private 3-5 seat car or a 12-seat tourist minivan throughout the trip to see the Sightseeing of Hurghada from the streets and squares such as Sakkala Square Hurghada. You can have lunch or dinner in the famous restaurants in the Hurghada Marina or Sheraton Street or as you wish until back to your hotel.

Through the Hurghada City Tour from Soma bay, we start by visiting Felfela Hill area to see the Giftun Islands from the top and Hurghada from the top, then go to the new marina to see the most beautiful and luxurious marine yachts, then the famous Fish Market in Hurghada, then the Mina Mosque, then the Sakkala area and the most important places and streets in El Dahar, then return to your hotel in Soma bay.

If you are looking forward to taking a Shopping Tour to Buying cotton clothes and buy Souvenirs from the shops and bazaars in Hurghada, and to get Pharaonic antiques and antiques, or to buy perfumes and herbs that Hurghada is famous for, in addition to visiting the most important Tourist Attractions in the city, rely on us to provide the best program for you without hidden expenses or costs.


Swim with Dolphins Tour from Soma bay

Best Activities for Kids, Family | Watch Dolphin Show. Swimming and Photography with dolphin in Pool with Private Transfer from Safaga Hotels.


Are you looking forward to swimming with the dolphin in the pool and taking souvenir photos with the dolphins? I explain to you a 5-minute Swimming Tour with a dolphin that is very friendly with humans and loves to play with children, in addition to the possibility of taking more than 10 distinctive photographs.

Are you looking for the most beautiful Entertainment Trips for Children and family, and if they are short in the morning or afternoon, I recommend the Dolphin Show in the Makadi bay, as it is considered one of the best Activities for Kids, love when you see more than 3 dolphins performing 60-minute shows inside the swimming pool with the help of a private trainer them.

You can watch the show only for an hour, then leave and do other activities and other Tours in Hurghada on the same day, or book a photo request with dolphins and swim with them.

Swim with Dolphins Tour from Soma bay


60min Watch Dolphin Show.

Private Transfer.


Visit The valley of the kings

Discovering the secrets of the Pharaonic family’s royal tombs, why this place was chosen to bury the king’s Mummy, what are the historical facts about each tomb, how it was built, and the most important recent archaeological discoveries.

Through the tour of the tombs of the Valley of the Kings, the guide will answer all the questions and inquiries that you are looking for an answer to. In addition, you can visit 3 open tombs, such as Tomb of King Ramesses IX, Tomb of King Ramesses III, Tomb of King Ramesses I, Tomb of King Ramesses X, Tomb of King Ramses V.

If you are looking forward to visiting the tomb of King Tutankhamun, you can buy a ticket from the box office before entering to see the secrets of the little king and the inscriptions and drawings on the walls to be discovered by Howard Carter.

The most important thing that distinguishes the walls of the tombs of the Valley of the Kings is that they still maintain their quality until now, and from them you will discover what The Egyptian Gods are and what they are Aaru, Religious rituals in the Pharaonic, Funerary beliefs in ancient Egypt, Religious life in ancient Egypt.

If you are looking forward to visiting Tomb of Nefertari and the tombs of the Valley of the Queens and you have plenty of time, you can visit them in coordination with the guide.

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