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This is What Jobseekers Want Recruiters to Know

Jobseekers have a strong concept of what they’re looking for in a job position, and they won’t settle for anything less.
Since recruiting is all about understanding and managing relationships, recruiters must delve into the minds of their candidates to know exactly how to respond to them.
So keep reading to find out exactly what job seekers wish recruiters knew and how you can grab their attention!

  1. Jobseekers Expect a Positive Candidate Experience at Every Step
    To recruit and retain top talent, a world-class candidate experience is more crucial than ever and a positive experience starts at the very first step–the application process.
    Applicants just want a simple, user-friendly application procedure that matches them to the appropriate opportunities.

    Apart from an easy application process, candidates want timely feedback via email or text and quick responses from recruiters.
    To take your candidate experience to the next level, Investing in candidate relationship management software can provide a top-notch experience for all stakeholders.

  2. Compensation is Their Top Priority
    Candidates will continue to be in charge of today’s competitive job market.
    It should be no surprise that every applicant considering a new position has clear salary expectations.

    Strategic talent teams understand that jobseekers value transparency during the hiring process. So, from the beginning, be honest about a position’s wage or hourly range. If your business cannot compete on salaries, try competing on speed, openness, and response.
    Candidates evaluate vacant positions that suit their needs as recruiters do. Manage expectations from the start regardless of where you may be on the pay scale.

  3. Right Work-Life Balance
    Today’s workforce requires flexibility that fits their lifestyles. The post-pandemic shift in the labor market has revealed that the majority of candidates seek the option of working remotely.
    Jobseekers want the freedom to choose their working hours and businesses that give their workers this much trust will create the most enthusiastic and efficient teams.

    Applicants are looking for companies with a supportive, flexible, and trusting atmosphere.
    Giving workers the option to work remotely with flexible hours allows them to design their own work-life balance. It also demonstrates that your business culture is based on prioritizing and appreciating personnel.
    Jobseekers want recruiters to know that they want remote jobs with the flexibility of timings.

    Pro Tip: Add work flexibility opportunities in your job descriptions to attract talent!

  4. Let the Ghosts do Their Job
    Jobseekers are the last set of people who should be ghosted by you!
    If there is anything candidates demand from the hiring process, it is more openness and feedback from your side.
    Jobseekers also expect an open assessment of the role’s responsibilities, the company’s culture, the salary offered for the position, and the leadership style.

    More openness during the hiring process will help in finding the ideal candidate for the position and in appropriately managing expectations for all.
    You can improve your hiring process by using talent management software. 

In Final Words
Paying attention to the demands of prospects and providing them with satisfying experiences helps hire top talent. Focus on reducing feedback loops, enhancing teamwork and communication, and including candidates more fully during the hiring process.
Make sure the hiring procedure results in positive candidate experiences that improve the employer brand of your business.

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