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Commercials are a big part of the business sphere. Find out why commercials and ads are more beneficial than you even know.

5 unknown advantages of video commercials and advertising

In another post, we’ve discussed what the main benefits of video marketing are, in terms of directly affecting conversion and ROI. Now, we at have collated verified details of what other advantages video commercials can bring, and how they can boost business performance and growth. 


You might be wondering why we included this benefit under “unknown” advantages. It’s true that video content is among the most popular mediums online. But what many seem to miss out on is that the same is true when it comes to business websites. Video is crucial for online marketing

Consumers have become very reliant on video to text to explain specific products and/or services they are trying to get a hold of. More than a decade ago, video traffic was almost unheard of. But ever since the web-boom, the numbers have been constantly and consistently increasing (and will continue to increase). As of current, over 80% of the total consumer web traffic is from web VIDEO traffic. 

It’s trending and it’s trendy. So hop on and let your business profit from it. 

Video Ads Equals Consumer Trust 

With video marketing on the rise, surveys reveal that a staggering 85% of consumers gain “brand trust” through videos. The more they are able to see the brand and the business via this medium, the more they are likely to purchase a product or avail of a service. 

Moreover, branding through videos, and the constancy of consumers viewing said videos, provides them with a sense of familiarity towards the brand itself. When consumers are able to understand what your brand is, and the more they “watch” of it, the higher the potential of them choosing you over your competitors. 


Video marketing allows easy and quick shareability. It doesn’t stop with just one customer per se. The viewer himself or herself can conveniently “share” your videos on and through a plethora of social media and online platforms. 

Every single day, around 92% of videos streamed online are passed on and amongst family members and friends. That’s about a 92% likelihood of your business videos being proliferated to a larger pool of potential clientele and on a larger pool of online channels.

A Variety Of Content 

Video has so many possibilities for content-creation, even in the context of enterprising. It isn’t bound merely by adverts. That’s not all they’re for. Viewers are looking for content that matters, too. Tips and how-tos, best practices, and the like. 

Reach out to them by making your video marketing messages relevant, grounded, and customer-oriented. Don’t stick to video ads alone. 


…if we may call it that. Search Engine Optimization, with Google reigning at the helm, seems to have algorithms that give priority to businesses that have videos than those that don’t. This is a reason why sites with relevant video content rank extremely well. 

This ties in with the rest of the 4 advantages we’ve mentioned above. People trust brands that give time and resources to explaining who they are and what they do through video. Consumers spend time watching videos, and, ergo, spend time on the website where the said video is located. 

All of these bring in higher traffic, and higher traffic will measure up to grabbing you a spot on search engines’ topmost pages. 

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