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Soju is a wildly popular alcoholic beverage throughout Korea. Find out how to obtain Soju while in Singapore.

How to Get Soju through Singapore Online in Australia

Soju is often referred to as Korean vodka as the drink is very similar. Soju offers a smooth taste that many people truly enjoy. The liquor is distilled and made from rice. It is currently the most popular drink throughout Korea. It was first made there during the 14th century. Unlike vodka, soju is a bit smoother with a hint of botanical flavors. In addition, it has fewer calories than vodka.

One of the reasons that people fall in love with soju is because of all of the great flavors that it comes in. While it is most often drunk in shots with friends, it is also very popular as a mixer for a great cocktail.

If you are living in Australia and you are craving some soju from Singapore, there is some good news. You can purchase soju online from many retailers throughout Singapore. Here are some of the places that you can find online to purchase your favorite brands and flavors of soju in Australia.

Dan Murphy’s

If you are in Australia and looking for soju delivered directly to your door, Dan Murphy’s offers both in store pickup and delivery options. You can place your order online at any time of day and expect delivery within a few days. No matter where you are located in Australia, you will be able to get the soju that you are craving delivered right to your door.

 Dan Murphy’s offers a wonderful selection of soju. There are many great flavors and brands available, so chances are no matter what kind you are looking for you are going to be able to find it and have it delivered to you fairly quickly. The prices of the soju that are available are comparable to many other places, but you might have to pay a delivery fee.


Jinro is one of the most popular brands of soju. If you are a fan of this vodka like drink, chances are you have enjoyed one of the many flavors that Jinro offers. The company has been around since 1924 and throughout the years has nearly perfected the art of making this fantastic drink.

The great news is, if you are in Australia you can order Jinro products directly from their website and have them delivered right to your door. No matter what your favorite flavor might be, strawberry, plum, green grape, grapefruit, citrus, or original, you will find it available online for delivery to your doorstep.

Red Bottle

Red Bottle is an online store that offers many great brands of soju. If you are looking to order some of the many great flavors of this fantastic drink, you are sure to find it on this website. Most of the bottles are 360 to 375 ml. They offer brands such as Chum Churum, Chateul, Good Day, and Jinro. Watermelon, grape, strawberry, citrus, and many other great flavors are available. They also have deals when you buy cases, so why not stock up on your favorite drink so that you do not have to worry about running out any time soon.


One of the most popular places to find soju online is Drizly. This website has taken off throughout the world and is available in many countries. Here you will find all of your favorite brands and flavors of Korean soju. No matter what time of day or night it might be, you can easily place your order on drizly and have your favorite drinks delivered right to your door.

 If you are searching to buy soju through Singapore online in Australia, the good news is that there are many options from which to choose. You can use any of the sites above to have this great beverage delivered directly to your door in no time at all. 

Soju is very popular and some of the best brands are stated for you to choose from. You can also add some of your other favorite alcoholic beverages to your order. This is one of the easiest places to navigate and order anything alcohol related.

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