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‘Scream VI’: All the best Ghostface reveals from this franchise

Who’s ready for a good scream? We’ve been so ready for it that Scream’s franchise has recently premiered its last movie numeral VI. In this version Dermot Mulroney hides behind Ghostface, yet, he didn’t know he would be playing the bad guy when he first auditioned.  The actor is also known for his roles in My Best Friend’s Wedding, Zodiac, and August: Osage County

This iconic horror slasher is one of the most successful ones, it only takes to realize that already six movies have come out of this storyline. Nonetheless, to give you some context in case you haven’t watched it, the main character and honestly the one you should care about in this edition is Ghostface.  He first appeared in 1996’s original film and has been the franchise’s constant antagonist since then. 

The number of movies is a number that can be told easily, yet, it’s really hard for a movie to become that iconic with such a long number of editions. More than a decade has gone by since the very first movie, for this reason, we can say the storyline  has become a cult movie. Some of the main questions around Scream fans each time a new movie is coming is who’s hiding behind Ghostface? Let’s talk about Scream VI

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Scream franchise 

When it comes to Scream, we’re not only talking about movies but a whole franchise that includes six films, one television series, merchandise, as well as games. Wes Craven is the director responsible for the first four Scream films. On the other hand, the series was created by Kevin Williamson, responsible for writing the first two films and the fourth. The third one was written by Ehren Kruger.

Finally,  the fifth and sixth versions were directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin & Tyler Gillett. For these last two movies Guy Busick &  James Vanderbilt served as writers and Williamson made a comeback as executive producer. The first four films were distributed by Dimension Films, nonetheless, Spyglass Media Group took over the rights starting with the fifth film

Nevertheless, all movies can be streamed through Paramount Pictures, its quite possible for volume VI to end up there too! Just to give yourself an idea of the movie earnings, know that the film series has grossed around $809 million. What the scream franchise has achieved along the years is something hard for any movie company or franchise. 

Yet, There are many reasons why people love this franchise with this hype for decades. The truth is that Scream movies have a great character development, amazing set pieces, and thrilling storylines. Not to mention the amazing cast that has characterized this movie, these were just  some of the reasons behind its hype. But what about Scream VI? Here’s all you need to know. 

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Scream VI

If you liked Tim Burton’s latest Netflix production Wednesday starring Jenna Ortega, well, you won’t miss her in this film. Aside from Dermot Mulroney behind Ghostface and Ortega, Scream VI also stars Melissa Barrera. Something exciting about this particular film is that it is set in New York City rather than the regular suburbs as in the previous films. NYC is always a great idea! 

An interview with The Independent recently revealed how Dermot Mulroney felt after being first casted since  the actor only knew to have secured a part in the film. Hiding behind Ghostface as one of the killers was definitely a shocking yet exciting surprise for the actor. Yet, Mulroney has confessed not to know a lot of the film’s details, since he was only given small pieces of the script along the process. 

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