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Retirement requires lots of different steps. Here are some very helpful tips to help make the transition to retirement as easy as possible.

Tips for a Golden Retirement

We all deserve a golden retirement, but sadly, it isn’t a given that you will be financially secure when you reach retirement age. It takes careful planning and a level of self-discipline to generate wealth and with that in mind, here are a few tips for the young person just entering adulthood to ensure a secure retirement.

  • Start Early – The sooner you start to think ahead and plan for the future, the better; the age-old concept of “I’ll worry about my retirement when I reach 50” no longer applies. You are earning money for all of your adult life and a portion of your income should be going into an investment that will generate more wealth. Even at a young age, you can benefit from talking to a leading Australian managed fund company, such as Lincoln Indicators, who is the pick of the bunch as far as managed funds are concerned. They can help you to create a wealth generation plan that is in line with your long-term goals and they are top performers across a diverse range of funds.
  • Real Estate – There’s no such thing as losing money when you buy real estate and if you are in for the long haul, property is a top performer. Get your foot on the property ladder as soon as you can, as this makes more sense than renting your living space and from the day you sign up as the owner, the equity building up is yours! Many shrewd investors got into the rental property market and with the right property management company in your corner, you can make a healthy return, while your bank loan is being paid by your tenant. There are costs and taxes to pay, but if the property management company are worth their salt, they take the hassle out of property rental, leaving you to make money. Click here some good real estate TV shows.
  • Diversify – Don’t have all your wealth in the same investment; rather find a few investment strategies and divide your wealth among these. If you talk to a financial advisor, they can help you to create a wealth plan and it is not unusual for a 25-year-old professional to start planning for a secure future. Gold is always a hedge against inflation and collecting gold coins is an interesting way to generate wealth, which could be worth a fortune in, say 20-30 years.
  • Create a Wealth Generation Plan – A financial advisor can assist you in creating a realistic plan that will lead to a secure retirement, and if you are a working professional, make sure that some of your income is saved every month. Avoid using credit cards unless you always pay on time, as these cost money and with a portion of your salary automatically going to a nominated savings account, you can add this money to your investment portfolio.

Click here for some Australian government information on planning for a secure retirement, which we should all read. Once you have a long-term wealth generation plan in place, you can rest assured that you won’t be one of the unfortunate people with an insecure retirement.

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