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We’re in the middle of a real life disaster movie right now. Here are some of the best tips to handle your real life disaster movie preparedness.

Prep like disaster movie characters: Tips for the quarantine

We’re in the middle of a real life disaster movie right now. It’s the worst. Though, unlike the movies, we’re playing more video games and living life like it’s a Jane Austen novel right now. So for those of us who are terrified of what’s going on out there, we have some tips for your own disaster preparedness. 

While we’re all hunkering down, those of you who weren’t ready for a real life disaster movie should prepare yourself for a couple of months of social distancing. Here are some of the best tips to handle your real life disaster movie preparedness. 


The supermarket is pretty picked over right now due to all the hoarding and panic buying. If you’re stocking up, then be sure to have a two-week supply of food. Due to everything, however, things are pretty picked over. But if you’re able to stock up on canned goods, soap, dry pasta, etc, then you should do it.

Yes, you may be tired of these food sources, but it should help in the long run. Anything with a decent shelf life and that can be versatile is your best bet during this time. Now if it’s really hard for you to even get to a grocery store, you can try services such as Instacart that will deliver your groceries to you or, as with many stores, there is a curbside pick-up option for your groceries.

Just remember to be extra nice to those working in essential industries during this time as they are doing their best to make sure society doesn’t totally collapse. 

Home essentials

Insert joke about toilet paper hoarding here. During this time you will need to consider the other home essentials that you will need during a quarantine period. Take stock of your paper goods (toilet paper, paper towels, tissues) because while they are in short supply, chances are if your local grocery does get them, then it will be early in the AM. So if there is no senior shopping hour, then get up and get those paper goods.

Other essentials are period products such as tampons and pads. Though if you’re thinking about methods not dependent on the supply chain, consider investing in a Diva Cup or another device like it. Also, diapers if that is needed in your household. 

Again, with the hoarding rampant early on, many of these supplies are low. So most grocery stores or pharmacies have instituted a policy for how many items per person you can grab. So please only take what you need. 

Also if you live in an area where clean water is difficult to come by, but don’t want to hoard water bottles. Invest in things like a LifeStraw or a Brita or any portable water filtration device to get you through. 

Finally, check your bathroom and make sure you have enough personal hygiene products. Note what you may need in the near future before going to pick it up.

First aid kits

Now if a perfect time to make sure you have a well-stocked first aid kit. Make sure that it’s well stocked for any minor emergencies, such as sprains, cuts, headaches, etc. On hand, you should also have common over the counter drugs such as aspirin or ibuprofen as well.

In addition, make sure you have a two week supply of medication on hand. If you’re taking a medicine such as drugs like Plaquenil, which is used to treat malaria and arthritis, then please call your doctor. Currently, drugs like Plaquenil are being studied and used in treating COVID-19. 


If you have pets in your household, and don’t want to brave the grocery store, then try services such as Chewy to fulfill their needs. You should make sure to have food on hand along with any other necessities such as litter or waste bags. The CDC also recommends washing your hands before and after touching your pets if you’re feeling unwell.

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