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Practical measures to keep possums from your home and yards

Possums can be cute to look at but quite a handful to have around your external yards and gardens as they break havoc among your plants. They are essentially plant-eating and devour young shoots, flowers, leaves, grains, and vegetables. They have a special liking for fruits and do not waste any opportunity getting to one if given the chance. They need careful handling and many of us would want to consult pest control Brisbane service experts to remove them the proper way without stirring any legal issues.

While Possum Removal Services Brisbane experts have the authorized licensing to remove possums from your yards and inside your homes using the right techniques. They have a thorough knowledge of safe and humane practices and possum behavior to carry out professional removal.

 Tips on getting rid of possums

 For those of you keen on getting rid of possums here are a few tips you can do to discourage their presence.

 Installing fence: To keep possums at bay from your external yards or gardens, you might attempt putting up a fence of a height about 4-5 feet high.

Plant to repel:   Possums get repulsed by a few garden plants. So planting these are a great way to keep them off your green patches. Mint, chrysanthemums, and geraniums are common plants that embellish your gardens yet they can be useful and keep possums out.

Install special lights: Installing on your roof special motion sensor lights can drive possums away. Possums are nocturnal by habit and feel insecure by bright lights. They would not venture into your property since this would scare them off.

Possum box: If you want to be generous, humane, and playful you can install a possum box to help possums coexist yet not quite in your home. Placing these boxes in high branches would attract possums to make a nest there and avoid getting into your roof.

Pruning your branches: Overhead branches of trees from your yards might provide a bridge for possums that are looking to build a nest in your roofs. You should get into the habit of regularly checking and trimming such branches. This cuts off access for possums.

Make a garlic spray: Possums are strongly repelled by the smell of garlic. Possums also love tender shoots and plants and eat away your precious plants. A good practice is spraying garlic spray on these plants that would not harm the plants. But this would drive possums away. For this mix two tablespoons of crushed garlic (you may add crushed hot chili too) in one liter of hot water. Let the mixer stand on its own overnight. Next day use this spray.

Store-bought repellents: A few commercially available sprays are available that helps possum activity. Use these to spray on your plants and in doing so possums will not feed on the plants. Re-apply from time to time as the effect lasts up to a week.

Block entrances: Seal up cracks, gaps, and openings around the house, porches, decks, and roofs to discourage possum entry. You might use wire mesh, sheet metal, or wood to block the entry points.

Trim shrubs and remove fallen fruits: Removing brush piles, trimming shrubbery and hedges, and clearing up fallen leaves and other debris discourages pest activity. Also removing any fallen fruit is very important to keep possums out of your yard since they love fruits.

Garbage to be stored properly: Ensure you do not have garbage bins with loose lids that might be easily removed by possums or other pests. So use tight-fitting lids. Try keeping pet food away from external yards during nighttime helps in discouraging possums.

 Electronic repellents to keep possums out: Electronic repellents can be effective tools to drive possums away. Motion-activated sprinklers are eco-friendly and aye be used in pools, near compost bins, trees, lawns, chicken coops, and other areas of external yards. These drive possums away. Wind chimes also scare possums away.

Removing water sources: Do not keep your pet’s water bowl out in the open during the night as it might attract a thirsty nocturnal possum.

Get professional help: Possums are pests that are larger than a rat and can wreak havoc in your garden. If you want to remove them, it is best to engage pest control in Brisbane services to have them removed while still alive. Normally they are not aggressive but if you do not know how to handle them it becomes tough to tackle them. An interesting thing is they can make a hissing sound to scare you if you encounter one. They also can be quite funny as they act playing dead when a human is near. All this is a technique of self-protection. Professionals of Possum Removal Services Brisbane have the training to conduct a safe removal as per state laws. So investing in their help is a practical option.

 Why do you need to keep possums out?

Pests at day end are just uninvited guests who are safer away from your property. Possums do harm your plants and vegetable patches. But they might accidentally bite or give you a scratch. If the skin develops an ulcer it’s because bacterial transmission happened through the possum bite. So if you feel discomfort or ill after your recent brush with a possum it is advisable to seek medical help or visit a doctor and not delay things.

Possums leave their urine and droppings in areas they are infesting. If a human gets in contact with this urine or feces through an open wound or cut then they might develop leptospirosis which is an illness that can cause fatal symptoms if left unchecked. These include kidney damage, respiratory issues, liver failure, etc.   Possums may also carry mites, fleas, lice, and ticks on their furs. 

Possums are territorial and always looking to nest or seek shelter where food, warmth, and water are available as most pets do. But as a homeowner to avoid them there is no need to kill them. Things can be approached in a humane way by using traps, baits, and then a safe release into the wild. This can be possible by engaging authorized professionals to do this efficiently and safely.

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