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We've had our first supermoon of 2021, everyone! Stare in awe at some of the gorgeous shots of last night's pink supermoon.

Gaze at the most beautiful shots of last night’s pink supermoon

Last night, the world was treated to a gorgeous sight up in the sky: a supermoon. Usually, this phenomenon is when the moon gets closer to Earth than normal. Sometimes, however, these supermoons can have different flavors. Last night’s supermoon over Australia was special due to its color: pink. Oh boy, that supermoon was absolutely stunning.

Now, why was the pink supermoon called the pink supermoon? Well, apparently, NASA says that it got the name from “the herb pink moss, also known as creeping phlox, moss phlox or mountain phlox, which is one of the earliest spring flowers appearing in the United States.” The color of the moss is, indeed, pink. Either way, last night’s pink supermoon was glorious.

Here are some of our fave tweets about it. Honestly, it’s mainly photos of how pretty the pink supermoon looks.



Here’s one gorgeous shot from Virginia! 


Look at how nice that shot came out! 

Here’s one right behind the Statue of Liberty.


Laugh rule.

Tortilla or pink supermoon? You be the judge.


Goth vibes! 

You seriously can’t get a more goth vibe sort of shot out of the pink supermoon.


Yassss, queen.

Calgary looks like another world practically.



It’s the first supermoon of 2021! According to most experts, we’ll only get two of them this year and the pink supermoon was one of them.


That took longer than expected

We’re honestly surprised it took this long to make a Sailor Chibi Moon joke.



Here’s an equally gorgeous shot of the pink supermoon from the Philippines. 


Get it, pink supermoon! 

And to cap things off, some gorgeous shots from around the world.

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