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New York Times critically acclaimed filmmaker Chong Kim taking a stand against abuse and violence in Hollywood

Global human trafficking advocate removes actor Kenyon Glover from ‘E40S’ film cast amid judge’s assault ruling, sexual assault claims

EXCLUSIVE: Buoyant, blunt-spoken businesswoman Chong Kim is taking a stand against abuse and violence against women in the film industry. Kim is helping to galvanize public opinion against assaultive behavior in Hollywood and beyond. 


Film Daily has learned that Kim is being celebrated in the entertainment industry for taking a stand against domestic violence, sexual harassment and assaultive behavior by removing a cast member who has been embroiled in a controversy over sexual violence and harassment allegations against him. 


“Kim is offering a place of safety and vital support through her universal network in helping victims and survivors overcome the emotional trauma after sexual violence or domestic abuse,” a source stated. “The media onslaught has become a distraction as Kim is focused on helping survivors of abuse, harassment and human trafficking escape and recover from the traumatic situations they have experienced,” the source stated. 

Film Daily, as a trusted entertainment portal, maintains fair and balanced reporting for accurate journalism based on factual claims.  As sexual misconduct is a prevalent issue that we are seeing reported regularly in the news and entertainment, it is important that awareness is shared and confirmation provided for who stands on which side of the issue in our industry. 


Kim has garnered international headline coverage in recent days for drawing a line in the sand. The award-winning filmmaker is raising her voice to a level that can be heard and taking a stand against the numerous and alarmingly ever-evolving offensive acts including, but not limited to, coercive control, trafficking, and sexual violence which force women to live in fear. 


As a result, the no-nonsense producer has relieved actor Kenyon Glover of duty from his FBI role in the film series ‘E40S’ for assaultive behavior, both alleged and under court ruling. Glover allegedly violently sexually assaulted a woman in Shreveport, Louisiana, according to court documents obtained by The Texas Mail


The news first surfaced on entertainment website CelebWired and since then many outlets such as RollingHype have reported on the sexual misconduct allegations that have been heard around the world. Men’s Vanity magazine reported that turmoil has been brewing for the embattled actor, who in recent days, has come under international scrutiny for inappropriate behavior online and offline. 


In addition, news broke last week that Glover is the subject of two active violence restraining orders in different U.S. jurisdictions. Glover suffered backlash after it was revealed by FemmeTheFashion that he had been charged with a domestic violence offense for one woman and that a California Superior Court Judge recently found him guilty of assault for a different woman. 


After becoming aware of Glover’s legal matters, and taking everything into account, Kim told the London Journal Thursday, “He has been removed and is no longer associated with E40S.” 


“Chong is so courageous, daring, and inspiring,” a producer told Film Daily. “She made the decision based on accurate and balanced information and in my opinion is projecting logical leadership by helping turn the tide for the industry,” the individual stated.


Kim, who is known for her advocacy against human trafficking at home and abroad, has chosen a rational approach to this issue according to multiple sources. Kim’s actions as a result of her firm stance and zero tolerance for sexual misconduct and assaultive behavior sends a bold message that she is not in support of, or normalizing, this type of conduct in the entertainment industry – or anywhere. 


Kim, the CEO of Chong Kim, LLC., advertises her enterprise as an asian-owned, woman-owned, disability-owned, and LGBTQ+-owned business. Kim is helping to blaze new trails in North America and all around the globe. The 8 & HalFilm’s 2023 Best American Director is ushering in a new age of advocacy and cultural transformation. 


Kim is set to appear on Lift TV’s Film Matters Tuesday October 24 at 7:00 PM for a special Facebook Live presentation spotlighting “Ladies in Film & Television.” Kim has been invited onto the show by director, producer and writer Jeanette Greenwood to discuss her life as a person that was trafficked and to share commentary on her new award-winning film, ‘E40S.’

According to IMDB, Jeanette Greenwood is a visionary filmmaker, CEO of Ladies in Film & Television, and founder of the Texas Indie Filmmaker Awards Show. She is an advocate for diversity and inclusivity in the film industry and has been a driving force in creating opportunities for women and other underrepresented voices in film. 


As a sought-after power broker in the entertainment industry, Kim is using her platform to bring awareness to human trafficking, a subject that Kim knows about all too well, as a survivor of exploitation and adult human trafficking. The director’s relentless efforts to shine a light on the dark corners of human trafficking have earned her worldwide acclaim.


Kim’s ‘E40S’ (Every 40 Seconds), inspired by true events, is a compelling film that tackles the pressing issues surrounding human trafficking and exploitation. ‘E40S’ made history of sorts just this month, by snagging the IMDb qualifier’s 8 & HalFilm Awards for Best Narrative Short Film and Best American Film.


An enthusiastic Kim made the announcement to her followers on Linkedin stating, “We won Best Narrative Short and Best American Film and Director. They are located in Rome.” 


The ‘E40S’ filmmaker points out, “The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and NCMEC (National Center for Missing & Exploited Children) have estimated that in America, every 40 seconds a child or youth goes missing. One in every fourth falls into Human Trafficking.” 


Kim’s commitment to her work remains steadfast in her grassroots efforts to support victims and survivors. The thought leader actively mobilizes individuals and organizations for better outcomes, igniting essential conversations on pressing social issues including the dangers of human trafficking, victimology, child sex exploitation, and predator awareness.


Kim, as a loyal advocate and changemaker, also spotlights other survivor-led businesses and programs. On the ‘E40S’ film website, Kim offers Human Trafficking prevention awareness and resources that are available to the community, and spotlights other change agents making a difference. 


A short list of Kim’s picks include Barbara Amaya, an award-winning internationally recognized advocate and author of Nobody’s Girl (A Memoir of Lost Innocence, Modern Day Slavery, and Transformation), Marlene Carson, founder of BLAST (Dedicated to Eradicating Sex Trafficking and Empowering Communities); and Sabrina Lopez, founder of Girl Speak Up (Empowering Survivors of Human Trafficking to Speak Up, Share Hope, and Be Brave). 


Billy Joe Cain, the Co-founder and Creative Director of PBJ Learning and Founder and Executive Director of Radical Empathy celebrates Kim as a global trailblazer. “Here at Radical Empathy, we support Chong Kim, who is on our Advisory Board and is also a survivor of Human Trafficking. She’s been active in her role to eradicate this problem here in the US. We are honored to have her support our endeavor to adequately educate the world. Radical Empathy and E40S (Every 40 Seconds) the film campaign are also a working collaboration,” Cain said.


About Radical Empathy Education Foundation: Radical Empathy is an Austin-based nonprofit dedicated to ending human trafficking. Their VR experience includes fully interactive, computer generated environments married with narrative, user-directed stories. 


About Chong Kim: Chong Kim is an Asian American Survivor of Human Trafficking and Child Sex Exploitation. Now a dedicated human and civil rights advocate, Kim is dedicated to educating others on how to keep their families and communities safe. Working alongside those who are striving to end slavery and injustice, she empowers victims and survivors alike. 


Kim has worked with law enforcement and political officials with the goal of strengthening the advocacy system that reaches out to victims of trafficking. Through speaking and sharing her personal experiences, the power broker continues to use her platform as a frequent public demonstration to galvanize public opinion against exploitation and human trafficking both at home and globally.


For more than 15 years, Kim has remained a staunch advocate to the cause being a voice for the voiceless. The celebrated filmmaker is grounded in the struggle for liberation and justice in the USA, but also concerned with injustice everywhere.


A universal spirit, Kim is committed to finding a solution to end human trafficking, as well as bringing awareness to bullying prevention. Kim offers deep insights into domestic violence, undocumented persons who are victims of crime, consulting and education on the dynamics of trafficking and start up procedures for charities. 


The prominent luminary has been featured on CNBC, CNN UK, and BBC. CNN North America featured Kim’s survival story ‘Eden,’ which has also been shown throughout Asia, United States, Europe and the UK. As of October 2023, the film remains a New York Times Critics Pick.

Kim has piloted many outreach initiatives in support of victims. For her work she was awarded by San Diego’s My Sister’s Voice in the “Top 40 Women Who Inspire The World.” That was in 2014, and she continues to be a woman who is inspiring the world.


Through her uncompromising, tireless work, Kim has distinguished herself as a non-sectarian, inclusive champion of universal human rights. 


For media inquiries or to schedule an interview with Chong Kim, please contact Tel: (213) 986-7140 or visit | E40S website


For media inquiries with Jeanette Greenwood, please contact Tel: (817) 406-5438 JG Studios Company JG Studios Company website Tel: (469) 888-1414 or Dr. Catrina Pullum Tel: (225) 366-7855 PullCorp Media Group

Glover’s team did not respond to requests for comment.




The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office is committed to helping all victims of crime. The Bureau of Victim Services provides essential services to crime victims and witnesses. Request Victim Services at (800) 380-3811.


The Bureau of Victim Services is also available to assist crime victims with the filing of claims with the California Victim Compensation Board (CalVCB). For assistance, call the Bureau of Victim Services’ Claims Verification Unit at (800) 492-5944.

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