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Lucky for you, we here at Film Daily have a handy dandy refresher for all the major plot points of 'Legacies' S2 before the Winter hiatus.

‘Legacies’ is back: Here’s your S2 recap

With The CW’s Legacies making its triumphant return after the winter hiatus, you probably need a refresher as to what happened with Hope (Daniella Rose Russell) and the rest of the Salvatore School in the front half of season two. Lucky for you, we here at Film Daily have a handy dandy refresher for all the major plot points of Legacies season two. 

Remembering Hope Mikaelson

The end of Legacies’ first season had Hope sacrificing herself to stop the Malivore. The consequence of this, however, was that her friends and loved ones at the Salvatore School forgot all about her. While they felt like something was missing, they didn’t know what. 

Hope was able to escape the Malivore and tried the whole “go at it alone” sort of mentality. Sticking around Mystic Falls and enrolling in Mystic Falls High as “Hope Marshall”, Hope pretends to be a vampire hunter in order to win Alaric’s (Matt Davis) trust. Alaric is able to piece together Hope’s circumstances, who breaks down and confesses everything that happened previously.

Hope continues to stand guard over the Malivore portal, fighting any monsters that emerged from it. She also tries to figure out how to close the Malivore portal for good. 

Everyone recovers their memories of Hope first just Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) and Alaric before everyone else at the Salvatore School remembering who Hope is. 

Hope & Landon

Even though Hope has tried to keep separate from her former life, she and Landon (Aria Shahghasemi) were still drawn to each other. The two had numerous encounters over the first half of the season. They were still drawn to each other, even though Landon had no clue what Hope had once meant to him. 

Though without memories of Hope, Landon dated Josie (Kaylee Bryant) throughout the first half of the second season. Even when Landon had his memories return, the phoenix needed time to process everything. 

In “This Christmas Was Surprising Violent”, Landon officially ended his relationship with Josie. In his breakup speech to her, he called Josie “the best person who has ever had the poor judgment to hang out with me.” He praised how she was a great girlfriend, but, in the end, he chooses Hope. 

So Hope and Landon are back together again.

Ryan Clarke 

Ryan Clarke (Nick Fink), a creation of the Malivore (and half-brother to Landon Kirby), was also sucked into the Malivore with Hope at the end of Legacies first season. While Hope was able to leave without the Malivore’s permission, Ryan promised his father that he will destroy Hope for him. 

Having been allowed to leave the Malivore, Ryan disguises himself as the new headmaster of the Salvatore School, Professor Vardemus (Alexis Denisof). As Vardemus, he takes Josie under his wing and begins instructing her in dark magic. He also attempts to separate Alaric from his daughters, especially Josie. He bans Alaric from the school grounds. 

The reason that Clarke has been instructing Josie in dark magic is so she can power a mystical trident. Basically, Clarke wanted to take Hope’s body for his own and makes his attempt when the ring granting him the disguise of Vardemus fails in “It Will All Be Painfully Clear Soon Enough”. The plan fails and Clarke is instead transferred into clone version of Landon, which Hope then blasts seeming killing Clarke once and for all.

But is he dead? 

In “This Christmas Was Surprisingly Violent”, Clarke is revealed to be held in the werewolf transition space beneath the school by Hope. When he uses a wish to have the Malivore bring him back home, Krampus is sent instead. So…lots of fatherly love there, huh?

Hope casts a truth spell on Clarke, who agrees to jump into the Malivore portal and close it once and for all. On a phone call with Hope, Clarke reveals that he never hated her. Before he jumps in, however, the Necromancer (Ben Geurens) kills Clarke and tosses his head into the Malivore portal, which closes it.

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