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Just how lightly does the king of England travel? Let's take a look and see if the lavatory has anything to do with it!

Coronation conundrum: Why is King Charles traveling without his crown?

Does the King of England really travel with his personal toilet seat? A shockwave of intrigue was sent through royal enthusiasts recently as word spread about King Charles’s alleged extravagant travel habits. With a coronation to happen only every few centuries, let’s see what a coronation for Charles meant after receiving the crown and traveling across the colonized world. 

The essentials

One might think that royalty, with all their privileges, can make elaborate demands to guarantee their comfort while on the road. While most would indulge in luxe hotel suites or exclusive restaurants, rumors circled that King Charles took comfort to an entirely different level, by taking his own toilet seat on trips.

Renowned investigative journalist Tom Bower stirred the pot, suggesting that King Charles doesn’t travel light. According to his claims, the King’s travel necessities extend beyond just the usual toiletries or favored clothing items. Among the allegedly dispatched items for a comfortable royal stay were an orthopedic bed, fine linen, top-notch whisky, premium bottled water, and rolls of high-end toilet paper.

Painting a picture of a king’s road trip, Bower also stated that Charles made sure to pack a piece of home, carrying two beautiful landscapes of the Scottish Highlands. As for the staffing, it wasn’t just a matter of security and personal assistants. A full royal entourage, including a butler, two valets, a chef, private secretary, typist, and bodyguards, were reported to be part of Charles’s travel team.

Full team

The complexities of the arrangements seemed to know no bounds. Even the security personnel were said to have a hand in ensuring King Charles’s comfort, by bringing along a flask of pre-prepared martini. The late Queen’s dining habits were reported to be quite different from Charles, who allegedly had an aide bring him his food separately during meals.

What was King Charles’s response to these claims? When asked during a 2018 interview on Australian radio about the rumors that he travels with his own toilet seat, Charles delivered a response as bold as it was blunt: “My own what? Oh don’t believe all that c**p.” The Hit105 radio crew sought to confirm this from the Queen Consort, Camilla, who echoed her husband’s sentiments.

As the royal couple visited Australia for the opening of the Commonwealth Games, Charles’s director of communications, Julian Payne, jumped on Twitter to quell the rumors. Sharing a snapshot of the royal couple meeting well-wishers, Payne clarified, “The Prince and The Duchess’s tour of Australia and Vanuatu begins: 30 engagements, seven days, one Commonwealth Games, zero personal loo seats.”

Confirmed or Debunked?

In the aftermath of the claims, Tom Bower told the Daily Mail that he was relieved to learn Charles had no fears of Australian toilet seats. While the controversy has certainly kept royal watchers entertained, it’s important to remember that the essence of these tales stems from the sheer fascination with the lives of the royals.

Still, there’s no denying that the idea of the heir to the throne sending a truckload of furniture, food, and an entourage ahead of his visits seems bizarrely fascinating. Whether it’s true or not, it’s a tantalizing story that will keep the rumor mills churning.

As we continue to be intrigued by these tales of royal extravagance, one can’t help but wonder: Are there more odd travel habits yet to be revealed in the royal household?


Do you think the coronation only increased his snobby habits? Let us know below!

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