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Wearing a tie-dyed hoodie and a tired expression, 'Ted Lasso' star Jason Sudeikis won the Golden Globe Awards. See all the memes.

Jason Sudeikis wore a hoodie at the Golden Globe Awards and Twitter lost it

Yesterday was a big night for Jason Sudeikis. The former SNL alum won big at the Golden Globes, taking home a trophy for best actor in a TV series, musical or comedy. This the first official award Sudeikis has won playing the titular character in Ted Lasso, a critically acclaimed heartwarming comedy about an American football coach who is hired to coach a professional British premier soccer team. 

Sudeikis didn’t expect his win, stumbling and at a loss for words at the beginning of his speech. Like all the nominees, Sudeikis attended the award show via Zoom and certainly dressed the part. In true post COVID fashion, he accepted his award in a tie-dyed hoodie.

One of a few fashion standouts, Sudeikis’s hoodie took Twitter by storm. He explained during his press conference after his win where the comfy-looking hoody came from. The $110 hoodie is actually merch from his sister’s gym, Forward Space, and has since sold out. 

Clearly the Bernie Sanders of the Golden Globes, people loved Jason Sudeikis’s whole vibe during the show. Here are the best tweets. 

The Holy Trinity

Jason Sudekis was not the only casually dressed male at the Golden Globes. Bill Murray rocked a colorful Hawaiian shirt with a large glass of alcohol while Jeff Daniels wore a blue checked casual button-up, accessorized by a plethora of doors in the background. Honestly, any religion that features these icons we would sign up for. 


No one has won a Golden Globe in a hoodie before. Whoever said the Hollywood Foreign Press Association had a representation problem clearly was deranged. 

Ramy Youssef says what we all are thinking 

Throughout Sudeikis’s acceptance speech, the looks on the faces of his fellow nominees were priceless. After he stumbled a bit and gathered himself, Sudekis talked about reading Russian philosopher Lep Tolstoy to his six-year-old son Otis. That’s when Ramy Youssef made that face, reflecting what we all were thinking. “I don’t know where this is going but I am into it.”

The perfect summary

That’s exactly what happened. This whole meme can be described in a single tweet. 


Most people have spent the pandemic in a hoodie, stoned out of their mind, on a zoom call. Currently, Sudekis is in London filming the second season of Ted Lasso. At the time of the Golden Globes ceremony, it was 3 am in London. So he was probably just tired but he did look stoned, which resonated with a lot of people. Looks like the pandemic found another poster child. 

Ted Lasso Speech

In Ted Lasso, which Jason Sudeikis co-created and wrote a few episodes, Coach Lasso gives amazing speeches. In each speech, Ted would do two things: 1.) Lasso would make a reference to his personal life 2.) He would connect some sort of life lesson or philosophy to it. Even though his speech was not as polished, with the mentions of his son and Leo Tolstoy Sudeikis gave us a Ted Lasso Golden Globe speech.

Breakup Getup 

Many Twitter users commented that Sudeikis looked ragged. The Ted Lasso star recently went through a breakup with long-time girlfriend Olivia Wilde. The two share two children together and Wilde is currently in a very public relationship with Harry Styles. So why not dress the part?

Lesbian Vibes

Take away the mustache, leave the haircut & the hoodie, you would have the perfect lesbian outfit. We know both Sudeikis and Ted Lasso would take that as high praise.  


@harrymwood is right. Sudeikis did make a show “about a man doing his best while struggling with the dissolution of his marriage while being a man doing his best while struggling with the dissolution of his [engagement].” So do give him all the awards and let him live his life. 

The Big Sudeikis

Jason Sudeikis’s appearance and speech gave us major Big Lebowski vibes. If we had to have a remake of the Cohen Brother’s classic, Jason would be our first choice. 


Maybe the charm of Sudeikis’s whole demeanor and outfit is that in reality, we know “tired & living in loungewear” is who we all are on the inside. You can’t fool us Hollywood. Sudeikis just exposed you. 


We will take no further questions at this time. Jason Sudekis won the Golden Globes.

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