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Amidst all this speculation, King Charles harbors a hope for reconciliation. But here's the real reason Meghan and Harry are skipping Christmas.

Is Meghan Markle going to bring ‘Suits’ up to divorce Prince Harry?

Could a scene from Meghan Markle’s days in the hit series Suits have hinted at her fairy-tale love story with Prince Harry? In a remarkable twist of life mirroring art, a revisited episode of Suits showcases a conversation that eerily mirrors the genesis of Meghan’s royal romance, which blossomed and captivated audiences worldwide. 

A stroll down memory lane uncovers the parallels between Markle’s character, Rachel Zane, and her real-life love story that blossomed years later.

The Royal Hint

Rewind to a scene from the third season in 2013, where Meghan’s character Rachel Zane engaged in a lively banter with Sarah Rafferty’s character Donna Paulsen, deliberating over the prospect of Donna dating a charismatic colleague from the London office of Pearson Darby. The exchange, filled with wit and flirtatious undertones, hinted at attributes resembling those of Prince Harry, making the scene nothing short of a premonition.

The lively dialogue unfolded with Donna weighing the pros and cons of mingling with the attractive, British, and possibly titled guest, Stephen Huntley, played by Max Beesley. The effortless and delightful exchange between Meghan and Rafferty in this scene is a tantalizing glimpse of the magic that was soon to unravel in Meghan’s own love life.


Meghan’s portrayal of Rachel culminated in a spectacular wedding at the close of the seventh season, echoing the grandeur of her real-life royal wedding that fascinated people globally. As Meghan bid farewell to her role, the series continued its successful run, wrapping up in 2019. 

The summer brought a resurgence of Suits on Netflix, magnetizing viewers once again to the magnetic charm of the ensemble cast, including Meghan Markle before she embarked on her royal journey.

Data from Nielsen portrays the unbeatable success of the series, garnering over twenty billion minutes of watch time, competing fiercely with the fourth season of Stranger Things

Amidst this, Meghan’s transition to royalty even influenced the series’ creator, Aaron Korsh, to tweak Meghan’s lines, avoiding the use of the word “poppycock” once she started dating Prince Harry, as revealed in a recent conversation with The Hollywood Reporter.

Beyond the Reel Life

Since stepping onto the global stage as the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan has gracefully embraced her new role, drawing the curtain on her acting career to embark on ventures that echo her and Prince Harry’s unified vision. As quoted in a BBC News special, Meghan expressed her readiness to start this fresh chapter, cherishing the remarkable journey she had with Suits.

Together, Prince Harry and Meghan have ventured into new creative domains, curating diverse content through their production hub, Archewell Productions, exclusively for Netflix. 

This venture promises a rich assortment of documentaries, docuseries, feature films, scripted shows, and children’s programming, establishing their significant presence in the entertainment sector. They kicked off their venture with poignant and insightful series, unraveling the narratives of today’s change-makers and offering glimpses into the Invictus Games, through the recently released Heart of Invictus.

As this power couple navigates the twists and turns of public life, they find themselves at a crossroads, grappling with changing dynamics and emerging challenges. Speculations are rife about the state of their union, fueled by Meghan’s sporadic appearances without her engagement ring and the couple’s separate engagements.

A Royal Resurgence

Despite the hurdles, Prince Harry finds solace and support from a surprising ally – his father, Charles. The bond between father and son seems to be rejuvenating, with Charles extending his empathy and understanding, drawing from his own experiences under the relentless scrutiny of public life.

As the couple stands at this juncture, navigating through personal and professional trials, they hold onto the love and unity that has been their trademark since their enchanting wedding. Friends and well-wishers watch keenly, hoping for a resurgence of the affection and camaraderie that have defined the Sussexes.

In the face of these hurdles, could this summer herald a renaissance, ushering in a period of renewal and unified strength for Harry and Meghan?

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