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Important Accessories for Server Racks

Active and passive hardware is used to process data and perform computing tasks. However, to enable these devices to work as a single unit and simplify their maintenance, accessories are widely used. Thus, server rack accessories are indispensable tools when arranging network systems.

Server racks are the most popular category of furniture for data centers. They differ in types of installation, sizes, designs, and purposes. However, most technicians use the same tools.

Benefits of Server Furniture Accessories

The staff that is engaged in server cabinet maintenance regularly points out the following advantages of using server rack accessories for data center arrangement:

  1. Tools help support equipment, improve its fastening, and guarantee reliable storage over a long period.
  2. They significantly simplify maintenance since it is easier for technicians to reach the needed device, replace it, or make repairs.
  3. Additional opportunities. Some tools provide more space for accommodation or new means for hardware fastening.
  4. It is possible to customize rack bodies to the needs of your system due to the use of accessories.

It is impossible to arrange a single IT system and accommodate it in a server rack without network rack accessories.

TOP Important Accessories for Server Racks

Expert system administrators know that the following accessories must be in the tool kit of every technician who deals with server furniture. Furniture service life and reliability greatly depend on multiple tools. They are helpful and allow for simplifying network system assembly, maintenance, and repair. Here are the top-7 tools for server furniture using.

Server furniture shelf

Server furniture construction consists of 2 or 4 vertical posts. Hardware is fastened to tech holes made in posts. Shelves are installed to provide more space for equipment housing and storage. Technicians can accommodate much more devices due to a 2-post server rack shelf.

They are usually installed using sliding rails to ensure smooth and easy access to all components. Since uprights have multiple installation holes, it is possible to adjust the height of shelf mounting and use several shelves for improved space ergonomics. Shelves allow for making racks multi-level and accommodate more equipment.

A rackmount power strip with surge protection

Although equipment pieces are fastened to rack posts, their security is not 100% guaranteed. For example, in the case of a sudden hint, devices may fall and damage. This issue is extremely important if you deal with a wall-mount data rack. This accessory is designed to secure your system and equipment. By applying the strip, the staff copes with two major problems:

  • the risk of damaging hardware;
  • being the victim of a fire.

By using this strip, administrators get a reliable guarantee of protection and equipment integrity in the case of an emergency. This tool increases the reliability of server racks.

Server rack KVM

The abbreviation implies the use of a keyboard, a mouse, and a monitor for system control and management. They are installed directly in racks to simplify management and cope with many tasks on site. The integration of these devices helps cope with the following tasks:

  • test the system without the need to leave a data center;
  • eliminate software malfunction;
  • adjust indicators and sensors on site.

Having the tools for software management on-site speeds up maintenance and simplifies testing processes.

Blanking panels

Server furniture can have open or closed designs. Removable metal panels can be attached to furniture to improve security. Panel sets create solid constructions locked with latches and keys. Such enclosures have tech slots for fan mounting, cable routing, etc.

However, in some cases, the staff does not use all of them. The air from outside can penetrate an inner environment through empty slots, which results in the inner climate disturbing. To cope with this problem, technicians use special metal or plastic plates and plug unused slots into them. This solution allows for normalizing the environment inside racks, directing the airflow, and maintaining optimal climatic conditions.

Server rack ventilation fan

Ventilation tools are the first thing to install when dealing with computing equipment. Server hardware heats much during performance, which may lead to overheating. Thus, the use of fans and other forced cooling tools is essential for the viability of IT systems. Fans can break hot spots formed in empty spaces. Fans direct the airflow and provide sufficient cooling for all system units.

4-post to 2-post rack adapter

If you have a 2-post model and have to mount a bulky server, it is advisable to attach t in 4 points, even if the weight allows for supporting hardware in 2 points. 4-point fastening is more reliable and durable. Does it mean that you have to rebuy a 4-upright model? No, not at all. Just use an adapter that allows for mounting a 2-post rack full of servers. The adapter looks like two long bars with holes for fastening. Thus, your equipment is supported from both the rear and front sides.

The use of this tool allows for accommodating a wide range of devices without the necessity to buy another model.

Server furniture drawers

Multiple tools and kits are required to maintain network systems, do repairs, eliminate hazards, and replace equipment. Thus, the tool kit of technicians can total dozens of devices. To avoid the necessity to carry all the tools with you, install a drawer on the bottom of the rack. Place all the needed screwdrivers, nuts, probes, etc. in them.

The installation of drawers helps store everything that the staff commonly uses for server rack maintenance inside the furniture piece itself.

Server racks are highly effective and convenient furniture for IT system housing. It is natural since they are specially designed and manufactured for this purpose. However, it is impossible to arrange a secure and reliable layout without the use of supplementary tools.

Each accessory has its feature for the application. These tools can increase the convenience and effectiveness of rack space use. Thus, when making a rack layout, remember to make a list of accessories for purchase. Start installation when all tools are bought to apply them correctly and ensure a perfect fitting.

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