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How to stake on Lido Finance

Did you know that approximately 30% of all ETH were staked using Lido Finance between 2022 and 2023. This is simply because of the assured profitability.

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This article delves into Lido Finance’s complexities, examining its staking rewards system and shedding light on how you might stake cryptocurrency to open up fresh growth opportunities for your portfolio of digital assets. 

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Join us as we explore Lido staking’s lucrative world, where each crypto owner can become a stakeholder.

What is Lido ?

Lido strives for decentralisation through the administration of the DAO while providing one of the simplest ways to stake ETH and other PoS assets today.

 Lido allows users to earn benefits from staking (minus a 10% charge) while avoiding some of the limitations associated with conventional staking. 

Lido is a powerful Ethereum-based liquid staking solution that can help you to earn more with ETH. Supported by leading blockchain staking providers, it allows you to access DeFi applications like Curve, Sushi, Yearn and more without having to deal with complex infrastructure. You can stake any amount of ETH into Lido, unlocking the opportunity to earn rewards through stETH (staked ETH). This balance could then be used for further earning on other yield platforms and lenders.

What makes Lido Finance even better, is that it removes problems associated with staking Ethereum such as illiquidity, immovability and inaccessibility. Providing full control of your ETH while staking – meaning you can unstake within seconds when you’re finished – making it one of the safest ways to make the most out of your cryptocurrencies.

Supported Networks

If you’re looking to stake on Lido, then the first thing you should check out is their comprehensive list of supported networks. 

They currently support Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Polkadot, Kusama and many more! All you need to do is choose your network and start staking your tokens.

Lido also has a Scorecard feature that tracks your staking balances and activities in real-time. This gives you complete transparency over your staking rewards and activities. With such a wide range of integrations available from Lido, finding the perfect network for your needs is easy. So why not take advantage of these integrations today? Get started with Lido’s platform and stake those tokens in no time!

An ERC20 token called stETH has a value that is linked to the price of ETH. This implies that the cost of stETH should be about comparable to the cost of ETH.

stETH can be poured. As with other ERC20 tokens, it can be freely exchanged and moved in and out of your Ledger wallet. 

More information about controlling ERC20 tokens can be found here.

Benefits of Lido Staking

Users can stake their ETH with Lido while still having access to trade, utilise, and unstake their tokens. 

Lido is a liquid staking protocol that is substantially more flexible than self-staking and is non-custodial (you retain full control of your assets). 

  • Reduce the risks of losing staked funds through software failures or slashing; 
  • Develop stETH as a building block for the DeFi space (e.g. as lending collateral on ARCx or for yield farming on Curve Finance);
  • To provide an improved alternative to exchange staking and self-staking for the benefits of the Ethereum community. 
  • Allow users to receive rewards for staking without having to lock up tokens; 
  • Allow users to receive incentives with any size deposit they want. No requirement to stake 32 ETH; 

Staking Ethereum With Lido

Users can stake their Ethereum with Lido at the click of a button to earn 8% APR on their tokens. The beauty of Lido, relative to many other staking protocols, is that you can unstake at any time with no consequences. 

To stake your Ethereum with Lido, follow these steps: 

  1. and press “Connect Wallet.” 
  2. When shown wallet options, choose preferred option and connect. With your wallet connected, you can now view your balances.
  3. Enter the amount of ETH to stake and press “Stake.”
  4. Confirm the transaction using your wallet.
  5. Your wallet will now contain stETH representing your staked deposit. Your stETH balance is updated daily to reflect staking rewards.

The Lido DAO collects a 10% fee from rewards which goes towards improving the range of services provided by Lido, as well as providing our users with insurance against potential slashing risks. 

What is Lido staking APR for Ethereum?

Lido staking APR for Ethereum = Protocol APR * (1 – Protocol fee)

Protocol APR — the overall Consensus Layer (CL) and Execution Layer (EL) rewards received by Lido validators to total pooled ETH estimated as the moving average of the last seven days.

Protocol fee — Lido applies a 10% fee on staking rewards that are split between node operators and the DAO Treasury.

More about Lido staking APR for Ethereum you could find on the Ethereum landing page and in our Docs.


In the dynamic landscape of digital finance, Lido Finance emerges as a beacon for those seeking to maximize their cryptocurrency’s potential. Offering a unique blend of flexibility and profitability, Lido’s staking rewards have become a focal point for  investors looking to stake crypto and reap substantial returns.

Lido Finance’s Ethereum staking programme is an exceptional way to earn rewards without being constrained by validators. All you need to get started is an ETH wallet that is private and some basic information.

For more information on Lido staking, Click here


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