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How to Choose the Right Fabric Shrinkage Rate Tester?

All garments and fabrics need to be tested for shrinkage rate, both in textile and garment factories, accessory factories, etc., as well as brands and third-party laboratories. Shrinkage Rate is one of the most important quality indexes for garments, and the dimensional stability (shrinkage) is assessed by comparing the dimension changes before and after the fabric or garment has been washed, fumigated or ironed. Even garment factories that do not have a laboratory will have several washing machines to test the quality of fabrics that bought or newly developed , to make sure that can meet the shrinkage rate requirements, because each tank of dyeing of the fabric will result in inconsistent shrinkage rates.

Normally, most textile factories have more than 5 washing machines, so the larger the factory, the more urgent need, even though they only need 1 set of SmartShrink.

Regardless of the scale of the textile and garment factories, they actually need at least 1 set of SmartShrink under the requirement of the brand, for the advantages of faster ,lower costs, more accurate.

How to choose the right shrinkage rate testing machine?

Determine accuracy and reproducibility of test data and sample.

Determine the brand of the core spare parts of the machine.

Determine whether the accuracy of the machine meets the requirements.

Determine whether the brand is directly sold by the manufacturer and whether the after-sales service is guaranteed.

Compare prices and choose a brand with a good reputation.

ChiuVention SmartShrink Rate Tester

ChiuVention SmartShrink Rate Tester can automatically calculate the shrinkage rate of fabrics,  and output the shrinkage data in 5 seconds. It significantly reduces the deviation of data compared with manual calculation, and shortens the order preparation cycle , greatly improves efficiency for textile enterprises.

The SmartShrink Rate Tester is applicable to the standards such as ISO 3759, ISO5077, etc. This shrinkage testing machine combines the self-developed vision algorithm and IoT technology of ChiuVention, fast and efficient for fabric shrinkage calculation and contributes to sharing and management of shrinkage data.

Why SmartShrink?

The shrinkage test will be more transparent and trustworthy.

When SmartShink testing is completed, not only the accurate test results are available, but also the photos of the tested samples are saved, which can be directly sent to the factory quality department, and also shared online to buyers, who can absolutely trust it, avoiding the waste of waiting time caused by repeated testing, and also saving testing costs. It is an important solution for the whole supply chain of brands to improve their turnover.

The test result is more accurate and reliable.

The tests process are photographed with a high-definition camera and the shrinkage rate is calculated with a unique algorithm, yielding all the required results at once, but in the conventional way, the tests require a lot manual work: measuring, calculating ,recording and inputting the data into the computer…… It will result in a series of errors.


For each sample to do shrinkage rate test, it takes 1 minute to measure and record before washing, 1 minute to measure and record after washing, 3 minutes in total to calculate + write the results+ input the results into the computer + print the report. For the fabrics that do not need to measure before washing normally, it takes 4 minutes, or 240 seconds totally. SmartShrink, on the other hand, takes only 5 seconds. It obviously increases the production turnover rate.

Lower cost

For a textile factory producing 200 cylinders fabric per day (about 1 billion RMB output), it takes 800 minutes to measure 200 samples and print 200 record sheets, or 2 laborers , if their salaries are counted at 7,000 RMB per person per month, that means you can save a total of 14,000 RMB per month or 168,000 RMB per year.

Digitization helps to improve the brand image

The SmartShrink is a smart instrument with digitization principle.

For the fabric or garment factories, when the digitization is achieved, through the analysis of big data, smart production and assessment of quality can also be achieved. At the same time, this is also a strategic project for many buyers who want to be a big brand, because the laboratory of each company is the most important “Show Window” as an indication of the company’s strength: strong R&D, emphasis on quality control, and strong digital management capabilities.

Let’s experience SmartShrink right now!

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