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How To Celebrate Grandparents Day At Home

It might not be a public holiday, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to celebrate Grandparents Day at home. Grandparents Day is just as important as Mother’s and Father’s Day. 

Grandparents Day is when people celebrate their grandparents and other older adults which became a huge part of their lives. It is the day to show how much you appreciate and value their love, affection, and time spent with you. 

There’s no definite way to celebrate Grandparents Day. You can spend it however you want. Just make sure your grandparents can participate or enjoy the day. 

Grandparents Day is observed and celebrated on the Sunday after US Labor Day. To ensure your family and grandparents enjoy this day, here are a few activities and suggestions on how to make this day extra special.  

9 Ways To Celebrate Grandparents Day At Home

Getting old and losing close friends around you is not easy. It’s heartbreaking and sometimes leads to anxiety and depression. That’s why it’s a great idea to celebrate Grandparents Day and make grandparents and elders in the family feel loved, special, and appreciated. There’s no need to visit other places or do outdoor activities. You can celebrate this day at home. 

Arrange a fun and memorable Grandparents Day celebration at home! Here are 9 simple but heartfelt and thought ways to celebrate Grandparents Day.

Give A Homemade Card

Nothing beats a homemade card made by the family, especially kids. Let the children design and create cards for their grandparents. Prepare all the needed materials like papers, pens, crayons, ribbons, glue, etc. Ask them to write a short message to make it more personal. Grandparents and elders will surely appreciate it more than store-bought cards.

Plan A Picnic In The Backyard

There’s no need to go to restaurants to eat with your grandparents. Make it more special, laid back, and relaxing by arranging a picnic at home. Prepare your grandparent’s favorite dishes, lay out a blanket, and enjoy with the family. There will surely be a lot of funny stories that will come up.

Prepare Breakfast And Deliver It

Let kids prepare meals for their grandparents and deliver the food to them. Don’t forget to assist and help the kids when cooking. You can cook pancakes and let the kids decorate them with fresh fruits and maple syrup. Just ensure they don’t add too much maple syrup to the pancakes. Help them carry the breakfast to their grandparents’ room to avoid spilling.

Zoom Or FaceTime Grandparents

If you’re not living with your grandparents, don’t forget to call, Zoom, or FaceTime them to remind them they are loved and important. They will surely appreciate the call and it’s the perfect time to catch up or reminisce about the old times. 

Plan A Game Night

Game nights are not only for children but for grandparents as well. Prepare a couple of games the older adults can play like Pictionary, Jenga, Charades, Pass the Message, Name That Tune, etc. Board games like chess, scrabble, Snakes and Ladders, and Monopoly are good options. You can also teach your grandparents to play video games. 

Organize A Movie Date At Home

Watching movies at home is perfect for grandparents and older adults. They can pause the movie when they need to go to the bathroom. 

Choose a movie everyone will enjoy, especially your grandparents. Look for classic movies like Little Miss Sunshine, The Princess Bride, The Princess Diaries, and more. Remember, choose the movies everyone can enjoy or relate to. And prepare easy-to-eat snacks and drinks like popcorn, fries, potato chips, nachos, pizza, hot dogs, and more.

Paint Together

Painting is a great way to spend time with artistic grandparents. If your grandparents are artists or painters, you can ask questions, tips, and suggestions. This will strengthen your relationship with them while creating beautiful pieces of art. 

Also, painting is good for the physical, mental, and emotional health of grandparents. By painting together, you can celebrate Grandparents Day together, create art, and improve their overall health.

Serenade Them

Teach kids their grandparents’ favorite song. Let them practice without their grandparents noticing. Then, on Grandparents Day, let kids serenade their grandparents, and don’t forget to record the whole thing. You can play the video at family gatherings or whenever the grandparents want to watch them. 

Give A Special Customize Gift

Gifts are more meaningful when they’re specially made for the receiver. At least 15 days before Grandparents Day, commission paintings for grandparents. Look for a special photo, create a digital copy, and send it to Memorialize Art. You can also add a short message or a memorable quote from your grandparents on the painting to make it more special. 

Don’t forget to wrap it up and give it on Grandparents Day!

What Really Matters To Grandparents

To be honest, for grandparents, it doesn’t matter how you celebrate Grandparents Day or what gifts they receive. What matters most is the time spent with family, friends, and loved ones. Grandparents know the value of time and effort. And as long as you spend time with them and put an effort into making them feel love on their day, they will be very thankful and happy. 

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