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FRP Wall Panel is Doing Good in Breweries: Replace them With PVC Sheets

Routine brewery maintenance is key to ensuring its smooth operation. Overlooking the cleanliness standards can lead you to expect expensive repairs and unnecessary delays, negatively impacting your beer production’s overall quality. On the other hand, keeping your brewery clean has other advantages, like increasing employee satisfaction and improving the consistency of delivering good-tasting beer every time. Installing FRP might seem feasible for many, but there are better choices than this when you see it in the long run. Its porous surface lets moisture infiltrate the walls and break its structural integrity. Besides, it also results in mold formation, which proves dangerous for the brewery environment.


PVC wallboards are excellent for covering the brewery walls and moisture-proofing the unit. Since it is impervious to water and moisture, it doesn’t bend or warp even after staying in contact with them for long. Therefore, you get the assurance of durability from the panels and forget about replacements and repairs.


Brewery Maintenance Made Easy with Vinyl Panels


Quality-assured vinyl boards simplify brewery maintenance because of their 100% waterproofing abilities. Made of truss technology, the durable and sturdy panels prevent moisture penetration into the wall surface through its non-porous surface. The mold, mildew, fungi, and bacterial buildup are stopped this way and contribute toward a safe, hygienic, clean brewery. Additionally, the seamless white surface doesn’t even pick up on dirt and microorganisms, which proves helpful during brewery cleaning.


Waterproof Your Brewery and Keep it Damp-Free


Owing to the constant use of liquids and different stages of beer production, breweries are meant to be damp and moist. Not addressing uncontrolled moisture and humidity levels can threaten indoor air quality. Additionally, you might even face challenges while trying to keep up with your brewery’s required hygiene and sanitation standards, ultimately failing the inspections held by the government. Failed inspections and quality-related tests might also need you to shut down your business in severe cases. Waterproofing your brewery unit is easy with 100% raw-vinyl-made brewery panels. Unlike the FRP wall board, which retains moisture and can’t eliminate condensation, the vinyl panels can keep your commercial space moisture and damp-free.


No Chance of Dealing with Bad Smells


What makes washable wall coverings the most suitable choice for wet and humid interiors like breweries is their capability of keeping humidity at bay. Humidity is the primary reason behind a bad-smelling brewery. Excess humidity gives rise to mold and bacterial infestation, which can turn smelly and turn your commercial space unhygienic. Eliminating smell and keeping your brewery facility is done easily by odor-resistant panels.

Running Low on Time? Low-Maintenance Brewery PVC Panel is Here To Save You

Busy brewery owners are often busy looking after their business and trying to keep it ahead of time. They are either looking after the machinery’s proper functioning or tasting beer to ensure the quality is up to the mark. Running a brewery is no small task and needs a dedicated entrepreneur. They are required to devote their efforts, time, and money to help their business become successful.


If you are finding it hard to look after the walls between all the works and commitments, consider keeping it protected with a PVC brewery panel. Unlike FRP wall panels, PVC panels have a smooth white surface that doesn’t give into yellowing. More so, they are even easy to maintain and don’t need you to scrub them daily. Simple wiping using a damp cloth and eco-friendly cleaning agents is enough for debris and dirt removal.


Pick Easy-to-Install Panels and Forget About Having To Undergo Loss


Having to deal with business downtime because of the lengthy installation procedure of the FRP wall panel is one of the primary reasons entrepreneurs have begun replacing them with customizable PVC panels. The interlocking tongue and groove system simplifies the panel’s installation mechanism and makes it quick. If you choose a professional installer, they can be installed within 7-8 hours. However, one can expect the installation to be done even by a novice. But FRP’s installation would need you to invest more, given how it includes backers and adhesives and the help of an experienced mechanic.


Adding Brewery Wall Coverings is Key to Experiencing Damage-Free Interiors


The brewery vinyl panels meet FDA compliances and are ASTM and CFIA certifications, making them 4-5 times longer than the FRP panel. Compared to FRP, which lasts for 20-25 years, and drywall, which lasts 45-50 years, your chemical-resistant panels can last 100 years without any callbacks. Also, since they are both impact and abuse-resistant, you wouldn’t notice any dents, marks, scruffs, or other signs of damage on the wall panels. This eliminates the need to replace and repair them frequently. They can withstand regular washing without any problems related to moisture.


Use Light-Reflective Panels to Cut Down Your Electricity Bills


There is a sufficient requirement for lighting inside the breweries to ensure hassle-free beer production. But catering to lighting needs inside the unit requires you to think outside your budget. To avoid running on losses and to prevent yourself from sinking into debt, add artificial lighting inside your facility, and turn to light-reflective panels. It boasts easy light distribution quality, which helps keep your brewery well-lit and bright. In addition, the affordable drywall alternative can add a spacious look to your brewery and make it appear spacious.


Render a Spotlessly Clean and Professional Look to Your Brewery


Maintaining spotless interiors is one efficient way of adding a professional touch to your brewery. Adding wall covering for the brewery can damage-proof its walls and keep them safe from severe moisture-attack. In addition, brewery wall covering material has a smooth finish and can instantly change the aesthetics of your brewery interior.


Install PVC and Enjoy Delicious Tasting Beer

The taste of the beer largely depends upon the cleanliness and hygiene standards of the brewery. By installing PVC panels instead of getting carried away with the low FRP costs, you can save yourself from the hassle of cleaning them daily. Besides, they can also help you achieve good-tasting beer every time. Being chemical-resistant, the panels don’t even react to accidental chemical spills. After that, you can customize them as per your needs. For more queries on vinyl boards, call 323-991-7507.

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