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From Humble Beginnings to Success: The Remarkable Growth of Oxford Business College


Oxford Business College, a for-profit institution in the United Kingdom, has emerged as a beacon of hope, offering educational opportunities to immigrants. This is one of the shining aspects of the British education system, demonstrating its inclusiveness and potential to transform lives.

Breaking Barriers with Innovative Solutions

The college has created a unique model by establishing partnerships with publicly funded universities. This model is known as franchising arrangements, and Oxford Business College has three such partnerships, including those with the University of West London and Buckinghamshire New University.

This type of partnership not only allows students to benefit from quality education but also provides a pathway for working adults and individuals from underserved communities to explore better career prospects. Their two-day-a-week schedules offer flexibility to those who follow non-traditional paths to higher education.

Empowering First Generation Students

Understanding the struggles of first-generation students, many of whom are immigrants, Oxford Business College offers financial aid assistance. The college effectively markets available loans to these students, many of whom are unaware of such opportunities. It also provides free language classes, empowering unsuccessful applicants to improve their language proficiency and reapply.

Recognition and Testimonials

Testament to the high-quality education provided by Oxford Business College, many students have expressed satisfaction with the teaching and programs offered. The national student surveys support this sentiment, and the college has also been honoured with the prestigious WhatUni awards in recent years.

One such satisfied student, Loredana Stana, a Romanian immigrant, applauds the practical knowledge imparted at the college, which she has found beneficial in running her beauty salons.

The Assurance of Standards

With its commitment to maintaining high educational standards, Oxford Business College provides a reassuring environment for its students. Dedicated counselling services and accelerator programs ensure student success by equipping them with necessary skills and providing them with a platform to launch their careers.

In summary, Oxford Business College, despite its humble beginnings, has made a significant impact on the lives of many, particularly those in the immigrant community. Through unique partnerships, innovative teaching methods, and an unwavering commitment to student success, it has indeed become a prominent player in the British education system.


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