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With a great tv show, you can relax, cuddle on the sofa and spend some quality time alone. These shows are perfect for your first date.

The Most Popular Shows For Your First Date

First dates can take many forms, but who says they have to involve heading out for a meal, a movie, or something different. In fact, keeping things simple can sometimes work better than seeking an elaborate date idea. Sometimes, kicking back at home with a date proves a better way of connecting and getting to know each other. With a great tv show, you can relax, cuddle on the sofa and spend some quality time alone.

However, what really makes a difference is the type of TV Show you choose to watch. Your partner isn’t going to want to watch a sports documentary or the latest nature show. There’s more to it, and that’s why we are going to help you get to know that date you’ve found will be aroused and intrigued with this list of shows chosen by our friends at!


Bridgerton is a period drama set in England. With it comes lavish outfits, plenty of posh voices, and powerful relationships that make for a steam watch. Packed with drama, the storyline is focused on the Bridgerton Family. 

The show involves many different relationships, but there’s no shortage of passion and intimacy! It’s certainly a racy watch which makes it perfect for a first date. The steamy scenes and spicy relationships are ideal for setting the tone. As it’s a period drama, the passionate scenes have an edgy style and touch, making this a superb watch for any new couple.


If you’re seeking something intriguing, dark and sultry, then What/If makes for great watching. It’s a show that focuses on morality, which of course, is something that underpins every relationship! It’s a tale that’s about decisions and how they change the course of life. 

The main character, Anne Montgomery, is a fiery yet sultry person who adds a touch of arousal to the show. There’s plenty of action here and no shortage of excitement either, making it an ideal pick for any first date show. It invites viewers to immerse themselves in the story and characters, making it an intriguing watch on many different levels.

Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin brings with it laughter, comedy, and more, making it a perfect pick for that first date. The main character Jane is a hot Latina waitress who becomes artificially inseminated by her doctor. Jane decides to go ahead with the birth, although the father is married and was once a playboy, adding something extra to the show.

It’s an action-packed, fast-paced show with a lot of activity, so you’ll both love keeping up to speed with the storyline. Expect plenty of humor, plenty of cringe-worthy moments, and lots of opportunities to spend time belly-laughing with your partner.


If you’re seeking a sexy and sassy series for a first date, then Valeria is the ideal choice. It’s a compelling show that combines a similar storyline to Sex and the City as well as some hot characters. The story follows a writer who has struggled with life and now finds herself at a dead end with her partner. 

She becomes close with her friends, who provide support while the entire cast finds their lives become entwined together. They move through life together, help each other out and discover new things together. From love to jealousy, secrets, and their professional lives, this show captures it all.

Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris follows a young female character who is considered a marketing expert. She is head-hunted by a leading marketing company that requires her to relocate to Paris. While there, she finds herself immersed in work, life, and love, following the French way of life when it comes to meeting people and finding love. With plenty of love interests and lots of action, you can be sure that this is a show that will have you hooked.

Ginny & Georgia

For a unique watch, Ginny & Georgia follows the relationship between a 15-year-old and her mother. Ginny considers herself mature, while her mother aims to prove a point by showing her how she isn’t anywhere near as mature as her. The characters are edgy while Georgia shows her sassy side with plenty of relationships and fun with guys, showing Ginny just why she isn’t quite on her level!

All of these masterpieces of TV drama and comedy provide an ideal opportunity for couples to explore a unique first date idea. There is always something happening on screen; some of the moments are sultry, some are funny, and some serious. These shows capture it all brilliantly, giving couples a reason to settle down, cuddle up and enjoy all that they have to offer. 

They are the ideal way to spend quality time together, while following the stories of characters through each show enables you to connect in a unique way, giving you a different approach to learning all about each other. It’s an idea that eases the pressure on couples, especially when compared to arranging a romantic meal or any other date idea for that matter!

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