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Factors to Pay Attention to when Acquiring a Commercial Dough Mixer

A dough mixer is one of the kitchen appliances designed to incorporate recipes in bread preparation. This article is helpful for persons interested in commercial dough mixer prices.

Budget is among the key factors of consideration by most people in business looking for commercial dough mixers. A commercial dough mixer is one of three categories of dough mixers. It’s a huge machine and the most expensive dough mixer available.

Owing to their vast size and price, busy restaurants and bakeries have enough storage space for the mixer. Besides cost, there are other important factors to consider when buying a commercial dough mixer in Kenya.


A dough mixer is supposed to make the work faster, easier, and stress-free. The kind of mixer to be bought depends on the intended usage. A large stand mixer is most suitable for a user of a commercial bakery. A commercial dough mixer is ideal for large restaurants and bakeries because it can prepare a lot of dough at once.

A hand mixer is preferable for use at home since we don’t need to prepare a huge amount of dough at once. The commercial world is fast-paced. For that evasion, one must acquire useful and essential kitchenware to remain relevant in the competitive food market.


The size of the dough mixer is determined by the available storage space and the quantity of ingredients to be mixed at once. Commercial dough mixers require larger storage space than hand and large stand mixers. While the storage space and usage determine the dough mixer size, its size determines the commercial dough mixer prices in Kenya.

Dough mixer’s speed settings

Different mixing speeds are necessary for other foods. A feature to control the speed of the mixer is required to reduce the chances of error in the mixing process. A popular feature in most dough mixers is the three-speed setting. It is designed to regulate the speed of the mixer.

A dough mixer with additional speed settings is necessary when one plans to work on different foods, and they are mindful of accuracy.


Different attachments are meant to mix other foods. Popular attachments on most mixers are a dough hook, a flat beater, and a wire whip. Some dough mixers, however, have extra attachments like a slicer, a grinding mill, a food grinder, an ice cream maker, etc. Choosing the ideal dough mixer depends on the sort of food to be prepared.

Color of dough mixer

The majority of dough mixers come in black and white. Some manufacturers, however, make multi-colour mixers. If you are keen about your choice of color, a handful of manufacturers have you covered. Dough mixers of various colors – red, yellow, purple, pink, and green – are available in different stores.


A dough mixer makes work easier, faster, and less stressful for busy restaurants and bakeries. Every good thing comes at a price, meaning one has to dig deeper into their wallet to enjoy the efficiency.


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