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Factors to consider during a Hot Air Gun Purchase

A hot air gun, also known as a heat gun, is a hand-held tool that releases hot air steam at 350°C and 550°C. It is one of the standard tools used in mobile phone repairs. This article analyses in-depth hot air guns and what to consider during a purchase.

They have an extended air jet directed on a specific surface point. It consists of a motor, a fan, and a heating element. It is used to shrink hoses, defrosts pipes and plastics due to the high temperatures, and riffle out paints, among other things. They can be connected to different exchangeable nozzles.

Many forms of these guns have different uses and are compatible with different kinds of exchangeable nozzles. If you want to choose a suitable machine for your work, you must think of the features one needs for the device and its functions. These machines have many qualities and factors; no tool will operate similarly. The factors include:


Most of these machines are corded electric models with reasonably high power requirements. For example, the DIY models start with around 1800 watts, while tools like the professional Steinel HG 5000 E are rated at 3400 watts. It is also equipped with a sealed brushless factory motor which gives out a maximum of 800 liters of airflow rate per minute.

Therefore, choose a high-power machine as they combine high airflow with the temperature allowing one to quickly and on larger surfaces. Low-power machines emit high temperatures but very low airflow, hence taking longer to finish the same character.

Adjustable airflow

Choosing an adjustable airflow hot air gun machine allows one to dial back the force of the blast from the nozzle of the apparatus, for example, when working near delicate surfaces that should not be affected by heat.

Temperature scanners should also be adjustable.

It can be supplied with the machine or purchased as an upgrade to be fitted in it externally. The scanner reads the temperature when hot air is in contact with the workpiece. It gives a more specific means of controlling heat application to the sensitive parts and offers a more accurate knowledge of different surface conditions in temperature-critical applications.

Professional or DIY

In this context, DIY implies anyone who only needs the machine for light use, for example, a homeowner removing paint off the windowsills or an electronics hobbyist heat shrinking cables.

On the other hand, a professional user can be termed as someone who uses the machine daily, for example, in a packing warehouse. However, one should note that if they require the tools for these works, the models are not usually covered by warranty but are used.


This article outlines the considerations one must make before purchasing a hot air gun machine and can be substantial for any reference. Therefore, if you plan on buying a suitable device to meet your need, consider the above factors and thoroughly conduct ample research for the best machine.


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