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Do You Really Need To Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned As Many Recommend?

Air ducts are a vital component of our HVAC systems. They do the important task of circulating hot or cold air to all the rooms in your house. So if they work well, you enjoy the comfort. But if you neglect them, they start accumulating mold, suspended dust, debris, and pollen, and when you start your HVAC units. All these re-enter your rooms. Obviously, this would affect not just the heating or cooling efficiency but also your health with so many pollutants built up. So engaging duct cleaning Melbourne service experts ensures your HVAC gives you optimum service with clean ducts.

Dirt buildup in air ducts makes them vulnerable and they get exposed to wear and tear over time. This can again be rectified by calling in duct repair Melbourne service specialists who resurrect the damaged bits back to life! Let us now understand why you should consider cleaning the air ducts.

Improved indoor air

The air in your ducts is what flows into all your rooms. This is the air you and your loved ones inhale. The indoor air is full of contaminating elements like carbon monoxide, dust particles, pollen, chemicals, and dander of pets. All this gets sucked into the HVAC unit and with time these settle within the ducts and again re-enter the rooms we live in. So over and over again you breathe in all the contaminants. And then it gives rise to sneezing, coughing, respiratory issues, and asthma. Duct cleaning helps avoid this build-up, keeps air quality better and fresher, and you and your family’s life healthier!

Duct cleaning boosts the HVAC system’s efficiency

Dust particles do get inside ducts but if left unattended they start collecting to a level that hinders proper airflow. This causes the air conditioning to work inefficiently. So you experience strange hot and cold spots or zones in the house which itself signals something is not right. Your HVAC system has to work doubly hard to circulate either cool or warm air inside causing more consumption of energy. This again will raise your energy bills. This can be set right by calling duct cleaning Melbourne services, the ducts get clean and this revives the HVAC system and allows it to work at full capacity with less stress on itself. Not to forget that it saves you money too.

Extends the lifespan of your HVAC system

If you have dirty air ducts your HVAC unit has to keep working for a longer period to maintain ideal indoor air. This causes a lot of wear and tear to the system and this might cause it to collapse in the heat of summer or the coldest part of winter. This would then need the attention and assistance of duct repair Melbourne service experts. If you continue to run the system, the HVAC will fail as it would overwork the compressors and motors. This again will be expensive as you would possibly have to replace the whole unit. Regular air duct checking and cleaning prolong the lifespan with no such issues cropping up.

Gets rid of unpleasant smell

Every home has a unique smell that depends on contributing factors like cleaning liquids, mildew, cigarette smoke, paint fumes, room fresheners, and smells from culinary activity. The stale smells get inside the ductwork and get back through re-circulation in our rooms. Molds and other pathogenic elements grow inside ducts which add to the odors. Sometimes small pets and insects find their way into the ducts and leave droppings. They may also die and the smell of their rotting bodies can be unbearable and toxic. So if your ducts are cleaned, they will not attract these nuisance elements and will keep your rooms feeling fresh and healthy.

Keeping a cleaner home environment

Dust gathers inside your air ducts when your HVAC system is turned off. When you switch them on, these get back inside your rooms. This spread and settles on upholstery, curtains, bedding, walls, rugs, other household articles, and furniture. So you will have to keep dusting to remove the dust. If you see that in spite of dusting the environment seems dustier you should know you have clogged air ducts. Cleaning air ducts will help you avoid all this and help you maintain a cleaner less dusty indoors.

Longer-lasting air filters

Indoor air has dust particles that are trapped by air filters. Dusty ductwork causes air filters to get clogged at a level faster than they should. So this might make you call in for replacement or repair. This can also increase costs. By regular duct cleaning your filters lasts longer.

Removes allergens and contaminants

Air ducts are full of toxic and disease-causing organisms that are invisible. These cause health risks to the sensitive, the young, and the elderly in your house. Trapped animal hair, mold, spores, pollen, and dead skin of insects and pests float inside ducts and re-enter your indoor air triggering allergies and breathing discomforts. Cleaner ductwork means cleaner indoor air which will keep all healthier and help you avoid stress, worry, and paying medical bills.

Minimize risks from fires

Lint, dust, and dirt accumulate inside ducts and these when heated may cause a fire leading to immense damage and also risk to the lives of members within your home. Regular duct cleaning promotes safety and helps you avoid these damaging risks.

Identify other problem areas during professional duct cleaning

Whenever you call duct cleaning services specialists in Melbourne or duct repair Melbourne services, the attending technicians will do a thorough checkup of the whole unit while cleaning your ducts. They will check for rusting, gaps, leaks, or loose ends. The technician can quickly identify and amend any other issues and insulate the ductwork. This is a boon because if the cleaners did not come in possibly a larger danger might have gone unnoticed. By fixing those issues your unit will be safer and a better performer.

So now that you have a fair idea about the benefits, take care to look after your air ducts if you want the best out of your HVAC units!

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