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Detailed Review of Online Landlord Biz

Preface: Online Landlord Biz is a new lead generation course made by Sean Kochel and Josh Osborne. In this article, we investigate what exactly the course involves. We likewise examine the idea of being an Online Landlord. Additionally, we contrast creating a local lead generation company to different strategies for bringing in cash online in 2023.


What Is an Online Landlord?

An Online Landlord is somebody who possesses digital property that are high ranking on web search engines. They also, drive online traffic to their digital shop. Just like a property manager, the Online Landlord makes a virtual organization with real life value. Paid ads and SEO strategies are used to raise monetary value of online assets. Eventually, this produces hot-cake real estate once at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This is different from conventional real estate investments, as it eliminates risks such as defaulting tenants or property upkeep. With lower operating costs, Online Landlords can develop and rank investment properties all the more rapidly and scale their business.


Examples of Digital Real Estate include:

  • Email lists
  • Social media accounts
  • Websites
  • Domains
  • YouTube channels

By making these estates rank highly in SERPs, Online Landlords can link potential leads with entrepreneurs and produce a recurring source of income.


What Is Online Landlord Biz?

Online Landlord Biz is a lead generation course instructed by Sean Kochel through a sales-pitch that is pre-recorded. The course centers around utilizing “one-page landers” resulting in rapid local lead generation. Kochel portrays it as a genuine model of business that permits people to bring in real cash by aiding others. It isn’t in any way related to MLM, drop-shipping, or affiliate marketing. The course offers premade layouts for advertisements and landing pages, making it simple for members to apply content. It additionally covers the “value in advance strategy” for landing lucrative clients. Kochel and Osborne give practical directions and cover platforms like YouTube, Google, Snapchat, Pinterest, and, Facebook.


Profiles of Sean Kochel and Josh Osborne

Sean Kochel is an expert media purchaser and 7- figure agency proprietor. He has practical experience in digital platforms like, Snapchat, Google, Pinterest, YouTube, and, Facebook. Kochel shares his skill and industry hacks in the Online Landlord Biz course. Josh Osborne, has total assets amounting to 12.5 million and is viewed as perhaps the best digital marketer in the business. He and his better half own Mr. and Mrs. Leads, a fruitful digital marketing firm. Osborne was trained on lead generation through Dan Klein’s training program and made his own rent course known as BAM.


Why Local Lead Generation Is a Better Option in 2023

While paid advertisements can give fast outcomes, they have accompanying factors. For example, increasing expenses and the suffering from ever- changing platform rules. On the other hand, Local lead generation is seen as a superior choice because of its demonstrated achievement. By mastering the abilities to develop and rank sites for service-based entities, you can secure passive revenue with higher return margins. This approach hands significant control of assets and does not need huge upfront costs. Due to the focus of local lead generation being local markets, this eases the journey to rank highly in web search engines and make profit.


Final Words: In conclusion, Online Landlord Biz is an extensive course on becoming an Online Landlord by ad-led generation. Sean Kochel and Josh Osborne, both advanced advertisers and successful, give important insights on this in the course. While the content may not be totally new, the course offers layouts and live stream support. For those keen on bringing in cash online as an Online Landlord, lead generation is the top choice because of its demonstrated success, lower expenses, and potential for higher net revenues.

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