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Cricket is a worldwide phenomenon. Find out how to perfect sports betting with these helpful and essential tips.

Cricket Betting Tips: How to Place Effective Cricket Bets

Cricket, undoubtedly remains one of the most popular sports across the board. Perhaps, it’s much more than just a sport. It’s more like a religion. This renowned sport has got many hearts. This increasing popularity of the sport has encouraged people to even make a career out of it. 

Well, earning a handsome amount is not a joke in today’s world.  And people try to earn money in all sorts of deadly manners. But what if we tell you a way that isn’t so dreadful? 

A fun sport like cricket, even enables you to earn quite a lot of money, provided, you know the right way. We’re all familiar with betting in IPL, aren’t we? IPL bet certainly seems to be interesting. Rather, it’s. All you need to do is, gather profound knowledge to excel in the field. Sounds easy? Well, I presume, No!

How can we not talk about IPL, when discussing cricket. IPL bet has gathered enormous fans from all across the globe. 

IPL Cricket betting may sound adventurous, but it isn’t that smooth. If you don’t play neat, you might lose all your hard earned money. But reputed online platforms have come up like Parimatch Sport, where regular people can place bets and earn a lot of money. And surprisingly, it isn’t considered illegal by law, unlike physical betting. 

So, if you want to master the art of betting, here we have some cricket betting tips for you.

How to place effective cricket bets

Any sort of gambling, has a risk of losing the money, and cricket betting is no exception. So, make sure to place effective cricket bets to avoid the risks.

Information is power

We are all familiar with the expression, ‘Information is power.’ Similarly, in cricket betting, information can come handy too. Make sure to know elaborately about essential detailed information regarding the match. This would include ranking charts, team statistics and the format of the game. Though rankings can often be deceptive but before big matches it can actually help you with making sound decisions.

What about D-Day’s weather!

Although the weather of other days might seem irrelevant to you but if you are thinking about placing a bet on cricket matches, weather is pivotal. Weather forecast is requisite to determine pitch conditions. It is advisable to remain closer to the ground. Do not place your money without taking a note of the weather conditions as it can hugely impact the game. In the case of live cricket, you can’t afford to take any risks. 

Players’ Experience

Keeping aside your research and weather forecast, the horses of your match are your players. They are the ones who can make or break the game. As obvious as it seems it is important for you to place your bet on players with experience. Pay more attention to players who are in form and who can get you wickets. Choose your players from both the teams. As it is said in cricket, ‘batsmen win you matches but bowlers will win you series.’ 

Study ground reports and pitch

Though these might seem inconsequential but they are really significant in turning the results in your favor. Reading pitch conditions should be part of your betting result as it can help you to decide your players as well as your team. 

Expert’s opinion

Do take in consideration the opinion of experts given prior to the match which might be valuable to place effective bets. If you are looking forward to betting in the IPL, this can help you to swing your decision in the right direction.

Coin toss

Have you ever wondered how important head and tail is? Yes it definitely is when it comes to a cricket match. Coin toss is a pivotal deciding factor in the match. The winner of the toss can make a consequential impact on the match result. Though it is not all because cricket is a game of surprise but winning tosses can be a great advantage to the home team.

Well, betting is a difficult task, whilst, you need to pursue it from a reliable source. Online betting has become immensely popular and we are always on a quest to find the most reliable platforms.

When betting online, you certainly require a reliable platform. Parimatch is a leading online betting platform where you can safely place your best bet. Parimatch offers a wide range of avenues for both experienced users and amateurs. Parimatch android bet app download, to place effective bets and get fast pay-outs, great odds and nice bet limits. Get the Parimatch bet app now, to avail their amazing services.


Betting in cricket matches has emerged as a regular convention, where common people make money out of it. Earning money from betting is almost like winning a lottery. But, there are always two sides to a coin. So, be careful while you place your bets!

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