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Corporate collaboration software is a vital part of the modern workplace. Find out the various benefits of this software and intranet.

5 Great but Lesser-Known Features of Intranet as Corporate Collaboration Software

As per research, 85% of companies have an Intranet-like portal, and 75% believe modern workplaces must have a corporate collaboration software solution for collaboration. Do you know intranet can do more than just connecting your employees? Explore some hidden features of intranet software to get your people together, fuel innovation, and make a good company.

In the 21st-century business world, an intranet is a powerful tool in an organization’s arsenal. Loaded with plenty of features, the cloud-based platform empowers communication, provides fast access to content, enables real-time collaboration, and boosts productivity

However, several companies fail at convincing their employees to make the intranet an integral part of their work life. It may be because they aren’t using the software to its full advantage.

Let’s explore some lesser-known features of the modern intranet to engage your employees and empower teams to make decisions with clarity, transparency, and a sense of connectedness.

Content Management System (CMS)

In the mid-1990s, organizations used corporate intranet for knowledge sharing. It took more than a decade to equip intranets with social features like forums, blogs, and wikis. However, today’s intranets empower content creators in more ways than just basic social features. They can create, publish, and organize content using built-in templates and drag & drop components.

Some other useful CMS features are:

  • Real-time document sharing
  • Content Scheduling
  • Multiple security levels to view and edit content

Intranet Analytics

Reports are an integral part of an organization to make informed decisions, monitor and track user engagement. Intranets as collaboration software provide robust analytics tools to monitor visitor activity and behaviors. Companies can use the collected data to create daily, weekly, and monthly reports using charts and graphs.

Some of the most exciting features of intranet analytics are:

  • Monitoring user engagement
  • Checking peak usage times
  • Customized reports
  • Engagement analysis related to a specific city, state, or country

Quick Poll

What should be the theme of your next company event? Should there be lunchtime yoga? How to make Mondays exciting for employees? 

Polls are a great way to engage employees and get actionable feedback. Intranets as online collaboration tools bring people together on a common platform where they can share their views. You can create and run quick polls to learn the changes people want to see in the organization. 

Make polls exciting by adding features like:

  • Setting the number of votes from one employee ID
  • Linking to extra information with each answer
  • Allowing a few individuals to add, edit, and remove polls

Active Directory Integration

Keeping details up-to-date is essential for the smooth flow of information within an organization. However, collecting data and updating it is a tedious task. Modern intranets as corporate collaboration software can be an ideal solution to remove several manual tasks, including updating the company directory. The centralized platform allows the creation of a database that you can update using Integrated or form-based authentication. 

More features of active directory integration include:

  • Support for AD users
  • Setting security based on domain
  • Pass AD credentials to custom-built web applications

Profile Directory

Collaboration is essential for innovation and success. Although the digital world offers plenty of tools and online applications to connect employees, intranets are the easiest and most powerful collaborative solutions. The platforms allow employees to communicate, share information, and collaborate in real-time on one centralized platform. 

To empower collaboration, the intranet’s profile directory feature allows:

  • Searching by employee name, designation, location, and skills
  • Finding user-profiles and accessing information related to them
  • Filtering results by job title, department, and more


Customizable, cloud-based intranets are highly efficient corporate collaboration software solutions that align your workforce with high-impact communications, increase productivity, and empower real-time collaboration. All you need to ensure is that you use all the features of your company intranet.

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