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Many people have ideas about what happens at casinos. Take a look at some of the things you shouldn't believe about casinos.

What You Shouldn’t Believe About Casinos

Since casinos started operating there have been many bizarre beliefs and rituals following the past time. For example, the tradition of doing a chant before spinning a reel, believing that it increases your luck. Or even the surprisingly common belief that the thaicasinoslot, the gclub or the game slot demo at the end of aisle has better payouts. 

The reason it is so common remains a mystery. Maybe it could have been a century-long tradition to begin with or just some widespread idea due to the way the media portrays the gambling industry.

Whatever it may be, these beliefs are superstitious in nature. Sometimes, these beliefs might even be detrimental to your luck, as ironic as it may seem. That idea of winning big in the next round can quickly turn into a rabbit hole that runs deep into your pockets. 

This is why you must play responsibility, and that means knowing what is true and false. So, to get you started, here are a few things you should not believe about casinos.

There is no chance to win

You might think casinos are fair game, but in reality, most of them are rigged and you have absolutely zero chances of winning big. Especially in the case of virtual casinos or machines that can be tampered with. 

It can be hard to tell since most online casinos function the exact same way as a physical one would. However, the gambling industry is extremely cunning about the code that goes into their programming. That isn’t to say that ALL online casinos are like that, however, one of them being Casino X, which Japan 101 recently reviewed here.

Casino X offers games made by the top online casino game developers in the industry, which means a fair chance to win for anyone who plays on the site. There are a few that are completely licensed and regulated, equipped with top-of-the-line security and confidentiality clauses.

Welcome bonuses are free money

Most people are under the assumption that welcome bonuses are entirely free and an easy way to get money. The typical sales pitch of “sign up for free and get $500 for free to start your winning journey”. If it isn’t obvious enough, the set-up is a ruse that comes with a bunch of terms and conditions along with requirements attached to them before your money can even be withdrawn.

Furthermore, the requirements for the terms and conditions are a hassle to deal with more often than not. At the end of the day, you might end up spending more money than you ever thought you would win in the first place.

No game is due to pay

There is a belief that if you play a casino game or slot machine for long enough, it is bound to pay out. As previously mentioned, there is a common belief that many gamblers share. The idea that the next pull will be the big one. It sends many spiraling down an uncontrollable sinkhole. 

Another belief is that certain games pay more money or more often at certain times. For example, having a ritual to play at 12 a.m. as that is when the slot machines are at their freshest, or something along those lines. 

However, this is make believe. The reality of the situation is that every online casino game, especially slots, uses RNG, which stands for random number generation. This means that the numbers are completely random every time. And remember what I said about slots and online casinos being rigged? This is an online slot machine, AKA, double trouble.

It is not like in the movies at all

For some reason, Hollywood loves to glamorize casinos. From James Bond to Die Hard to any other generic film about an alpha male, casinos are shown as this elegant place where people go and win big. It always comes with a tone of exclusivity and elegance. That image of everyone wearing fancy suits and designer dresses, sipping on martinis and winning big, left right and centre. 

Sorry to burst your bubble, but casinos are not like that at all. Winning does not happen nearly as often as the movies show it, not even close. People do not dress like they are going on a red carpet, they look like everyday people dressed casually. It is not that glamorous and can be quite humdrum at times. More often than not, the scene plays out more like a place of escapism rather than a life of luxury. 

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